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When people look back at how Bush was undone, yesterday will be remembered as the day the wheels flew of the cart and the BS wagon dumped its load in the White House Press Room. People will not soon forget White House Press Pool Boy Scott McClellan as he struggled to stay above water in an unscheduled match of political water polo. Rove was the ball the press threw by him constantly scoring point after point. It was both ugly and stunning to see. Contrast the McClellan words of yesterday July 11, 2005 with those of so long ago September 29, 2003. You will be drowning in tears or in laughter, cynical or true. Or better see the video of the pathetic contrast in performance provided by the White House itself for September 29, 2003 and yesterday July 11, 2005 and you will see far more than almost two years have passed

Scott McClellan has passed the point of no return. The press no longer attaches any credibility to his words. And if as McClellan says, he speaks for the White House, then the White House has no credibility on Rove, on Plame, on Wilson, on yellowcake, on Downing Street, on the run up to the war in Iraq and the lies that got us there. It all attaches the McClellan first, it attaches to Rove, and it attaches to Bush. What is it? It is hubris, the political rope by which once mighty men hang themselves and then hang around too long for people to see. Cut those bodies down please. You are frightening my children.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding