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Scotty is on the slow-roast grill as we speak

[UPDATE: the carnage is over (for today). I swear he was holding back the tears — the grill marks on his ass must hurt from all of it. He was practically begging the press corps by the end to forgive him for having to get out there and dissemble and obfuscate.]

How many times can you refer to an “ongoing investigation” before you look like a total ass? I think we reached that point sometime yesterday. Scotty McClellan is doing a repeat of yesterday live on CSPAN2 (1 PM). The man is so in over his head — where’s that Bush loyalty now?

He really looks like a deer in the headlights, saying he knows the press wants to get to the bottom of this — as much as Chimpy does, omfg. He’s probably having night terrors after yesterday, and like Groundhog Day, he came to work and it’s happening all over again. . Boy, David Gregory is all over his *ss again, and Terry Moran called out about the talking points that Mehlman is circulating from the RNC and asking Scotty where this information is coming from in the White House — oh god, it’s beautiful. The mouthpiece dodges that one as well, telling him to refer to the RNC.

“Is Karl Rove a liability?” – Bob Franken, CNN. Hahahahaha.

“Has Rove apologized for putting you on the spot? Did he apologize to you for telling you he was not involved?” – Helen Thomas

Oh this is rich. Too bad I cannot live blog it all. I think John over at AmericaBlog is.

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Pam Spaulding