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Latest activism from the vermin at AFA

The busy beavers at the American Family Association (the folks behind AgapePress) are trying to work up the AmTaliban sheeple again. This time Nike and Carl’s Jr/Hardees are in the cross-hairs. First the footwear maker gets a drubbing.

According to USA Today, Nike has become the first major corporation in America to publicly endorse homosexual “civil unions,” a back door move to legalize homosexual marriage.

Nike endorsed a bill in their home state of Oregon which would legalize “civil unions.” Homosexual activists are using the “civil union” approach as a back door approach to the legalization of homosexual marriage. Once they get their “civil union” approved, they will then go to court to secure the right to marry. Homosexual activists are working to get other corporations to follow the lead of Nike. Many corporations are already donating large sums to homosexual organizations to support their agenda. Sending a message to Nike will send a message to those corporations poised to support homosexual unions. Your email letter will be sent to Nike President Bill Perez and three other corporate executives.

Bill Perez, President
Nike, Inc.
1 Bowerman Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97005-6453

Primary Phone: 503-671-6453
Fax: 503-671-6300

I love the stock letter they have in the “Take Action” online form that the AFA uses. A real hoot:

I am disappointed to hear that Nike has thrown its support behind homosexual civil unions. I will pass this information on to others, and I will find another brand of shoe to purchase.

I hope you will reconsider your support for civil unions (and, indirectly, homosexual marriage), although I doubt very seriously if you will.

Kinda defeatist, eh? Hahahahahaha.


The AFA’s latest effort, launched today, is a hilarious action against a hamburger joint. All over Paris Hilton’s bony *ss.

Carls Jr. and Hardee’s (CKE Restaurants, Inc.) are airing a pornographic television ad featuring Paris Hilton to promote its Spicy BBQ burger. Tell CKE to pull this extremely pornographic ad now!

1. Contact your local Carls Jr. or Hardee’s store operator. You can find their contact information by clicking here.

2. Call CKE Restaurants Chairman William P. Foley II toll-free. The number is 877-799-7827.

Hey…maybe I’ll join this one, not because I think it’s pornographic, but because Ms. Skanky-rich-ho-beast is truly over-exposed in a much different sense.

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