Go fetch the shovel. We need to lower the bar again

Like three guys sitting in a singles bar thinking things are going pretty well since no one has had a drink thrown in their face yet, the Power Line Boyz are high-fiving and clinking their Zima bottles together over their President’s totally hot approval numbers:

If you read all the way to the bottom of this story in USA Today, past even the dog-bite-man quotes from Senator Harry Reid, you will learn that President Bush’s poll numbers have improved, with 49 percent of those polled approving of his performance and 48 percent disapproving.

JOHN adds: Yes, and for some reason, since the 4th of July the Rasmussen poll has consistently shown the President in positive territory, currently by 51% to 48%.

DEACON adds: So he’s basically where he was when he was re-elected. He should be somewhat higher, though, considering how well the economy is doing.

Woo-hoo! High five! Down low…too slow.

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