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Read it – Ms. Julien on marriage and semanics

Why gay rights are an issue in the next election, and why we have to hold elected officials accountable for taking a position. Especially the weaselly, ball-less Dems that were too scared by the AmTaliban to say that discrimination is wrong. Here’s a snippet from a great post by bloggrrl Ms. Julien over at Big Brass Blog:

“Marriage” to me means that next year, when my partner’s H1B Visa runs out, and she will have to return to Canada for two years if she cannot for some odd reason get a job here…that it wouldn’t matter because we could get married.

Today, in our current political and evangelical climate, if I went down to Little Havana on 8th st here in Miami and snagged an unemployed, illiterate, illegal, unbathed, immigrant male, I could marry him and get him full rights and privileges of US citizenship simply because he has a penis and I have a vagina, and that, in the mind of too many, transcends any other factors.

In her post Julien continues to make the case that marriage — the word — is getting in the way of all the rights and responsibilities that we, as gay people want and need. If it’s the word that’s making the difference for some in the middle in terms of making a choice to support the effort for equivalent rights conveyed by that civil instutition, then let’s get past that. NOW.

Read the rest over at B3. Thanks, Julien.

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