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Inhofe = ass

What do you say behind this inane commentary?

Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe believes liberals have gained a foothold with many religious groups through a single issue, and this observation has him concerned. He claims liberals have convinced some evangelical groups to support global warming initiatives in order to bring in new funding that the Left can spend on other causes. Also, Inhofe asserts, liberals are “trying to suck up some of the evangelical crowd and put them into the issue of global warming. And when they do that, they give up their litmus tests. They give up their positions on abortion, their positions on gay marriage, and all that.” However, the Oklahoma senator contends that the theory of global warming is a scare tactic being played up by the Left and the national media and that a number of Christian groups have bought into it. “I’m afraid there’s one large organization, the National Association of Evangelicals, who have fallen into this trap,” Inhofe laments. Still, he says, “Fortunately, the vast majority understand what it really is.” But as for the rest of the Christian community, Inhofe warns, any coalitions involving fundraising with liberals will only lead to problems and wind up helping fund advocacy for issues evangelicals oppose.

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Pam Spaulding