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Freepers turn on Scotty McClellan

As news of Scott McClellan’s out-of-body-experience press briefing performance travels the blogosphere, the Freepi continue to defend Rove. But even in Freeperville, they know someone needs the boot, and for them the sacrificial lamb is plump little Scotty, the press-boob. Oh, and no more press briefings say the Freepi, because the journalists in the corps finally woke up and did their job. That was just way out of line for them…

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“Mcclellan should have send I answered the question, moveon ;)”

“Don’t I recall that clinton cancelled all his press conferences for more than a year? Maybe it’s time to follow that example and see what the press has to say about it. Or maybe Bush should imitate clinton’s other practice, and lean on their bosses through the IRS and the regulatory agencies until they fire 5 or 6 of the worst offenders.”

“McClellan is a wuss. Laura Ingraham for WH spokeswoman.”

“He should simply state he’s not taking any more questions on that topic. If the next question is about that, he should end the press conference.”

“Shut down the press briefings. They serve no purpose if they’re only going to be forums for sedition.”

“There is nothing seditious about it. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

“grandstanding a$$holery is not sedition. This lightweight doesn’t rise to the level of sedition.”

“Nothing wrong with asking questions. But practically every Democrat in America has the knife out for Rove. That includes those in the media.”

“McClellan isn’t helping the situation any. Get somebody in there with a freaking backbone.”

“Karen Hughes would be awesome!”

“No more pressers. Cut the morons off. I have a sneaky feeling that someone is going to go to jail, and it’s not going to be Rove.”

“White House PR stinks. Spokesmen come out too late on issues, McLellan is a cloddy wuss with no ability to dance on his feet. He comes out looking like a dammed fool. Too many GOP TV pundits are silver-tongued wusses also. The President is above using the bully pulpit. GOP congressmen and senators are mostly in hiding when they should be on the capitol steps. Need I go on? I’ve been ranting on this lack of administration attack and counter-attack strategery for a couple of years. Why the hell don’t they listen to me? (barely an LOL).”

“I agree. This guy has always seemed to think he’s supposed to be a pincushion for the press…”

“McClellan is a lightweight. And he is reminding me more and more of Ronnie Ziegler during the Watergate era. As in he is utterly ineffective. Time for him to go.”

“Wouldn’t it be great to see Rush substitute for McClellan at the daily White House press briefing? I can just hear him talking to the whiners like a bunch of toddlers at preschool. Although I’m sure preschool toddlers are much better behaved than the W.H. press corps.”

“I could hear Rush now: I’ll give a response AFTER one of your newspapers does a front page cover story on why Sandy Berger stole National Archive papers! I agree that McCLellan is NOT the man to tackle the rabid MSM gangsters! Send in a real PR man!”

“McClellan is the worst press secretary I have ever seen.”

“I disagree- its a tough job against the enemy (the liberal media whor… I mean reporters) I would have given one of them a pounding long ago as an example to the others…”

“Poor little liberals. They’re in a snit over the evil mastermind, Mr. Rove. Of course, in idiot Liberal Land this latest example of attack dog journalism doesn’t prove that the Washington press corps is liberal. Oh, no. It merely proves that journalists have very high standards.”

“Bush and Rove LIKE that Scott McClellan looks weak. He is not there to look strong. He is there to draw in the press, draw them in, and draw them in some more. They smell blood in the water. They rant, they rave, they damn Karl Rove and pronounce him guilty of a heinous crime, over and over and over. They bully McClellan. They are egged on by his dull, repetitive passivity. So they get out on that proverbial limb, farther and farther and farther…Meanwhile, back at the tree trunk, Bush and Rove are sawing off the limb. People get sicker and sicker of and madder and madder at the MSM. Their ratings sag even lower. More people turn to Fox, talk radio, the internet, etc. Now who do you think wins in those forums… Hmmmmm???”

“That was just awful. McClellan needs to go.”

And a bonus dunk for rotten apples for the Blenders, a trip to Lucianne Goldberg’s site, which has an equally blessed group of readers…

Actual Lucianne Lunatic Quotes™

“Ari would have handled this much better.”

“McClennan is not good. I have no idea why they keep him on. He just comes across as unsure of himself.”

“It looks like Rove is going to take one for the team.”

“OK, “I” outed Plame, so there! Now drop it! /s Sheesh, he WH presstitutes are like rabid pit bulls. The only way to shut them up is to shoot each in the head.”

“Let’s see : Rove’s involvement becomes known over the weekend then McClellan gets hammered about it on the monday press breifing …..AND this is beating a dead horse ?”

“You know, the Dems and the media have been after Rove for the longest and they will not give it up. I really don’t give a rat’s behind if he leaked this desk pusher’s name or not. So stick that in your pipe Dems and media and smoke it till you choke.”

“This horse was dead on arrival, but the Rats are frantic for any meat they can get. Some things make me miss the Clinton days. This would have been a by-the-way, side issue, ignored by the press, and buried by some liberal prosecutor. The rabid, hate Bush/Rove crowd of nipping nincompoops are gathering sticks for the fire. Run Rove run; the kooks are coming.”

“Why isn’t Valerie Plame, Valerie Wilson???? Another Hillary Rodham, until it is more convenient to take the husbands name, or more useful to her future zmbitions???”

“Looks like the lamestream media is feasting on nothingburgers made out of the dead horse that they’ve been beating.”

“The Rats and Rat media are just keeping their own selfs busy with this BS, because you can`t find (1)one single person out here in Red State America who gives a good spit! we are just tring to plan our vacations…..and WE don`t know or give a hoot about these stupid plame/wilson lairs.”

“The Democraps are piling on as well. My favorite was NJ’s Lautenberg, didn’t he used to be dead, calling for Rove to be stripped of his security clearance. Sure Frank, right after you take Leaky Leahy’s clearance AND his seat on the intelligence commitee away. Democraps and presstitutes, what a bunch of maroons.”

“I KNOW,, that since Rove DID NOT violate IIPC, and could not have, that I DON’T CARE.”

“We’re in the fight of our lives with terrorism and the petty old media is playing childish games. I do loathe them.”

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