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Bring out the tiny violin for the Canadian wingnut

Canada’s Senate is going to pass the same-sex marriage bill probably by the end of this week, and the wingnuts are wailing in grief already, lololol. Sweeet.

A pro-family activist in Canada says there is very little hope that homosexual marriage will not become the law of the land now that Parliament has passed its same-sex “marriage” bill, known as C-38, and the Senate vote on the bill is largely a formality.

Brian Rushfeldt, co-founder and executive director of the Canada Family Action Coalition (CFAC), has been urging pro-family Canadians to contact their senators and urge them to vote against the homosexual marriage bill. However, he estimates the chance that the Senate will do the right thing by voting against the same-sex marriage legislation as “virtually none.”

In fact, Rushfeldt says even attempts to temper the provisions of the legislation are unlikely to make it through the liberal Senate’s approval process. “There were a couple of amendments that a couple of the senators tried to introduce,” he points out, adding, “I don’t even think any amendments are going to get passed in the Senate. I think it’s going to go through just the way it went through our Parliament with the same wording as Parliament sent up to them. They can just rubber stamp it.

…”All these senators are appointed by our prime minister, basically,” Rushfeldt says, “and not just this last prime minister. Our senators are not elected at all; they’re all appointed people. They’ve been appointed mostly by liberal prime ministers, so the high majority of them now are liberal senators.”

Therefore, the CFAC spokesman doubts the Canadian Senate will to do anything to derail the same-sex marriage amendment recently passed by Parliament. “There’s no way that this thing has a hope of getting stopped, in my opinion,” he asserts.

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