Department of Unintended Irony

From a comment over at Captains Quarters:

A little historical perspective is useful here. What I remember is that I didn’t read Novak’s story. I didn’t really follow this at all, until one day I saw Wilson on TV saying his Wife’s name, saying she was a covert CIA operative, and that she had been outed by the administration, by Karl Rove himself, and that he would enjoy watching KR marched out in chains or something to that effect.

And I remember thinking, did Wilson just out his wife on national TV?

It seems to me that simply because someone leaks information does not relieve any other person with knowledge to reveal that same information (because it confirms the information).

It would be delicious irony if Wilson went to jail for outing his wife (which he surely did — he knew she was covert, he knew the law, he knew you could be arrested for it, and he confirmed it on national TV).

Conversely, I’ve watched the administration pretty closely, and they have not to my knowledge ever put all that information together in a statement of fact. They are very couched in their statements, including their non-comment about whether she is an operative or not.

This is like someone walking into a movie late and then criticizing the exposition.

Who’s the braintrust behind this post?

Charles at Critically Thinking.

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