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The sheeple impact, part 3

This is the “wifey” Kate speaking…my “inaugural post”, highlighting 3 issues close to my heart 🙂 Hearing (I’m an audiologist), the state of Alabama (my birth state), and the state of the American media (we know in general, it sucks)…. Just wanted to provide some insight into the report about Toyota planning to build vehicles in Woodstock, Ont., and the story’s reference to illiteracy in Alabama (re: the Honda plant). This is yet again another case of the media not doing all of its homework….

While I am not denying that literacy, or lack thereof, as the case may be, is a big problem in AL, I do not feel that this information is complete without considering that this particular plant (Honda) is in Lincoln, AL. Lincoln is located in Talledega County. Also in Talledega County is the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind (AIDB). Consequently, you have a significant number of the (big-D)Deaf population clustered here. Because their first language is ASL (American Sign Language) or Pigeon (some varient form of sign which can be composed of gesture, some ASL and other signs) sign, the rate of illiteracy of members of the Deaf community is significantly higher than in the “Hearing” population. I imagine that many of the prospective employees for Honda would be deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals who have settled in or around Lincoln as they are also participating members of the Deaf community. I think referring to data from the plants in Vance (Mercedes) and Montgomery (Hyundai) would have provided additional insight….

And while I am on a roll, and have your attention ;), I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you loyal readers for your love and support of Pam and all of our “issues” 🙂

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