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Katherine Harris is pissed at the Bushies and GOP

The Hill has a hysterical story of the in-fighting over Katherine Harris‘s bid to unseat Florida Senator Bill Nelson next year. She laid down for Bush by tossing the election to him in 2000, and she wants payback — and her camp has been flipped the bird by Rove and the Empty Wig.

Frustrated with the White House and a key Republican, supporters of Rep. Katherine Harris’ (R-Fla.) 2006 Senate campaign lashed out at the administration yesterday for seeking to convince another prominent GOP official to enter the race.

“It’s unimaginable that the White House folks and the National Republican Senatorial Committee would be so disloyal to Katherine Harris, especially after all she has done for the Bush family and the Republican Party,” a Florida political operative who supports Harris said. “It’s unconscionable and a stab in the back.”

Harris backers are irritated that State House Speaker Allan Bense met with White House chief of staff Karl Rove and NRSC Chairwoman Elizabeth Dole (R-N.C.) this week to discuss challenging Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) next year. The operative added, “If it is true, they should be ashamed and embarrassed, considering she stepped aside at their request for the president and Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) in 2004. It’s her turn.”

..Some GOP officials fear that Harris, who became a household name during the prolonged 2000 presidential election, is too polarizing a figure to defeat Nelson.

Others Republicans disagree, with one saying that Democrats and pundits “said the exact same thing about Bush’s re-election in 2004…The polarization is a made-up word by people who fear her.” Another GOP official said, “Polarizing can be a plus,” explaining that she has strong support from many Republicans and hope to enhance her negative numbers over the next 16 months.

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