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Henry Rollins Responds to Mann Report

I woke up on Friday and spewed my corn flakes all over the wall when I read about the Mann Report, commissioned by BushCo. apparichik Kenneth Tomlinson to determine if PBS is too liberal and therefore in need of dismantling by the GOP, wherein Henry Rollins is described as a “conservative.”

After cleaning the corn flakes off said wall, I emailed Henry and asked him if he’d like to respond:

Jane. I don’t know if I could be called a conservative seeing how I will get up extra early to tell anyone in front of me THAT BUSH IS A COWARD AND A LIAR AND THOSE WHO VOTED FOR HIM ARE PART OF A VERY BAD PROBLEM. THAT THE FOX NEWS CHANNEL IS A BUNCH OF SISSIES WHO CAN’T TAKE A PUNCH….If Bush’s idiotic television monitors are making reference to my 70 second appearance on Fox News talking about the USO, I did that because the USO asked me to and since I do a lot of work on their behalf because I support our troops, I did.

You know they really should give you advance warning when they’re gonna say something that stupid. What a howler.

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