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Will Falwell's God come take him already?

Here is a reality of the Bible: It clearly forbids homosexual behavior and, for that matter, any sexual activity outside the bonds of male-female marriage. The Word of God unmistakably speaks against homosexual behavior in Romans chapter 1, describing a time in history when, as today, men and women gave themselves over to unnatural sexual relations. There can be no mistaking that these passages condemn same-sex relationships.

— Rev. Jerry Falwell, WorldNetDaily, July 9, 2005

I am sick of Rev. Tinkywinky. He and his friends of the Arlington Group have made a shambles of what it means to be part of a faith community in America. The reason for regurgitating the usual bullsh*t above is that he (and Dobson and Robertson) are pissed at the Christian Alliance for Progress, a coalition of progressives in the faith community that has formed to counter the American Taliban view that the country belongs to the evangelical fringe. You have to read it to believe it. His column for WingNutDaily just turns your stomach.

Last month, a new leftist religious organization announced its inception to battle the alleged domination that Dr. James Dobson, Pat Robertson and I have on modern-day politics. This organization, the Christian Alliance for Progress, is hardly “Christian.”

You may say, Falwell, that’s a pretty harsh statement. Well, let’s take a look at this new group so we can determine if it are actually exhibiting the precepts of true Christianity.

In announcing its formation, the Christian Alliance for Progress unveiled what it called its “Jacksonville Declaration,” an open letter to the political and church leaders of the religious right that “challenges and invites them to return to a Christian foundation of compassion and justice, values that Jesus passionately taught and lived.”

…the Christian Alliance for Progress says it will “speak out when conservative Christians misrepresent the Gospel to support their misguided political positions.” These positions include “equality for gays and lesbians” and “honoring the sanctity of childbearing decisions through effective prevention, not criminalization of abortion.”

It sounds like the Alliance got its talking points from Howard Dean. The group is simply falling in line with untold numbers of past liberal church groups that have promoted abortion-rights, homosexual rights and anti-war sentiments.

…Dr. Ed Hindson, renowned theologian and Liberty University professor, writing in the August issue of National Liberty Journal, stated: “If liberals want to debate these issues on biblical grounds, let them go right ahead. Because they will lose, not only the debate, but also any influence they might hope to have among spiritually minded people. They are correct when they insist we do not speak for them, and they certainly don’t speak for us. Their new Alliance for Progress will simply result in one more organization in regress.”

Many Americans are seeking to discover the true peace of Christ and real meaning for their lives. While evangelical Christians will continue to be denounced and despised by the fashionable left, we must continue to devotedly and passionately take the truth of the Gospel into the world.

It is my sincere pleasure and privilege to be laughed at and scorned because I have chosen to walk with and live out my life in servitude to the Christ of the Bible.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding