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Rush Limbaugh: Bed-Wetting Liberal

It’s awkward being a defender of civil liberties when they’re being invoked by the very people who work so tirelessly to destroy them. Digby’s a bit worried about Big Pharma at the moment:

I’m guessing Rush is under some stress these days and I don’t blame him. As much as I hate him, I am very much against prosecutors having the right to fish around in your medical records. I believe strongly in a right to privacy. Just like the socialists Ginsburg and Breyer. And unlike the Real Americans Scalia and Thomas.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Rush thinks he should have a right to privacy, too. I wonder if he wants the One And Only True Party to ask prospective nominees about their views on that subject or if he just believes that Dear Leader knows what’s best? He should probably get on the Dick-phone and say something because I don’t think the right to privacy is a big item on the GOP agenda. In fact, it’s highly likely that the new and improved wingnut supreme court is going to make it much more possible to put Rush in jail. There’s a silver lining to everything, I suppose.

I think I’ve got to split with Digby here. Although I understand why the ACLU supported Rush’s position, the fact remains that there is credible reason to believe, based on the allegations made by his $370-a-week maid (the guy makes $30 million a year, talk about karmic justice) that Rush was doctor shopping. The only difference between him and the guy who’s gonna get 20 years for buying crack on the street is that Big Pharma is rich, white and paying less money for better quality drugs.

As far as prosecutors are concerned, it’s no different than getting a search warrant to search his house — they didn’t have the unilateral right to seize the records and begin picking through accounts of his erectile disfunction and anal warts. They had to go before a judge, present their case, and demonstrate that there was reasonable evidence to believe he’d committed a crime.

I just got one of those letters from my credit card company that they have to send you if you live in California telling me that my personal information had been stolen. But not to worry, you know, they have it all under control. Why do I remain something less than convinced.

I’m gonna save my breath about Rush’s right to privacy and worry about ordinary people who are the victims of outrageous invasions happening every day by companies who have bought the law and written it for their own benefit, people who don’t make $30 million a year and don’t pal around with Smirky McChimpsuit.

Rush old bean, you’re on your own.

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