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Any Hope of Getting One That’s Not Full of Nuts?

Always good to hear from those who have recently dragged themselves onto the shore:

You can bet your last dollar, that any nominee the president proposes will be filibustered as the dem/lestists will claim “extrordinary” circumstances. The dem/leftists need an activist justice to foist their agenda upon the people…. I do not want judges creating laws that are the purview of the legislative branch. We have a bi-carmel [sic] legislature, not a tri-carmel [sic] one.

It only gets better in the comments. From the Lone Ranger (wince):

These liberals just don’t understand that everyone would benefit under a strict constitutionalist court. Recently the court ruled that post smokers under California’s medical marijuana laws could be prosecuted.

Because, you know, we liberals all sit around and dream of a world where we can freely smoke our fences.

Man, business on Hannidate must be booming.

(via the Daou Report)

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Jane Hamsher

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