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Happy birthday to me

Vanity post for the day to announce that I am officially ancient as of 6PM.

Here I am, leaving the now-gone Lincoln Hospital in Durham, NC, 42 years ago. [The hospital served Durham’s black residents during the Jim Crow era. The original building was torn down in the 70s when the integrated Durham County Hospital was built. A community health center is on the old grounds.]

Feeling really OLD: Here I am, the little blondish child with the smart handbag, on a visit to NYC (my hair darkened to all brown once I was in grade school). I am standing outside the IND line subway station — do they even refer to the train lines as IND, BMT and IRT anymore? I visited the World’s Fair site in Flushing Meadow Park, Queens (I think this was taken just before the Fair closed). Right: the Unisphere from that Fair. I couldn’t locate the pic of me taken riding in one of those little pedal-cars around the Unisphere.

Future host of the House Blend, already recounting a story.

Now back to regular programming…

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