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AgapePress wingnuttery roundup

AmTaliban mouthpiece AgapePress has a cornucopia of wingnuttery up. Here’s a sampling…

* Alberto won’t go over well with the AmTaliban, according to Tim Wildmon. The idea will be promoted by liberal groups and Democratic senators that somehow President Bush owes it to “America” to name someone like Justice O’Connor to replace Justice O’Connor. That is a standard pulled out of thin air. President Bush doesn’t want the court to remain the same. That was one of the main issues of his campaign. The American people who voted for him understood that and factored it in when deciding between him and John Kerry. President Bush has said before that he desires to name justices who think more along the lines of Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia, not Sandra Day O’Connor.

On another level, the conservative movement has made it clear to President Bush that they have worked too hard for too long to have another stealth candidate like David Souter put up. For those who don’t remember, the first President Bush’s chief of staff John Sununu told his boss and the conservatives to “trust me” that Souter was — indeed — conservative. Well, we trusted Sununu and we got duped. That is not going to happen this time if conservative leaders have anything to do with it — and they do. This is why current Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is not acceptable to most conservatives because he is a great unknown.

* Arkansas Gifted Program Angers Parents With Explicit Homosexual Curriculum. A spokesman for Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee says students should not have been exposed to a sexually explicit play at a summer educational program for the state’s gifted high school seniors. Some parents of students at the Arkansas Governor’s School (AGS) in Conway recently expressed outrage that their children were asked to read from the script of a homosexual soap opera called “Angels in America” and discuss it in class. Last month, a student who took offense at the play’s frank talk of homosexual sex left AGS after just five days of the six-week summer program. …Chris Pyle, the governor’s Family Policy Liaison, says the play violated the Arkansas Governor’s School’s policy on content standards for minors…Iris Stevens, an Arkansas parent who removed her son from the AGS program several years ago, believes the state’s summer school for academically gifted students was then and is now involved in what she calls “liberal brainwashing.” Stevens says she was “appalled at what went on,” and she advises parents “Don’t — don’t trust that place with your children.”

OMG. The rug.

* In his new book, Imagine! a God Blessed America (Broadman and Holman, 2005), Dr. Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention says Christians must first get the sin out of their lives before a moral awakening can occur across their country. Land says revival is possible in America, but the nation must return to its spiritual roots by turning back to God and ceasing to live the way the rest of society lives. “We’re always saying ‘God bless America,’ always praying, ‘God bless America,’ and always singing ‘God bless America,” the SBC leader says. “Well, if we want God to bless America, God has laid down the standards under which He’s going to do it. If enough of his people get right with Him, then He says He will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.”

* More on the four-wheel homo agenda. Cadillac, a division of General Motors, is the presenting sponsor for the second annual PlanetOut, Inc. Entrepreneur of the Year Award contest. This award honors “a dynamic lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transsexual business leader, or leaders, whose character combines the spirit of entrepreneurship with a drive to enrich the lives of those around them.” The recipient of the 2005 Entrepreneur of the Year Award will receive $5,000 and a commemorative prize, to be presented at the 2005 Out & Equal National Workplace Summit September 22-24 in Denver, Colorado. The “Entrepreneur of the Year” will also be profiled on and and General Motors, the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer, is listed by the Gay Financial Network as being among the 50 most powerful pro-homosexual publicly-traded companies in America. According to, each of the companies so listed “strongly promotes homosexuality within its workforce” with policies like same-sex domestic partner benefits and pro-homosexual diversity training.

* (this one is just rich — the dude’s from NC) Christian Doc Speculates Why Americans Rank #1 in Mental Illness. Psychiatrist Dr. Robert Rogan, a spokesman for the Christian Medical Association, says one reason for this statistic may be that Americans are more attuned to feelings than people of many other societies. “It certainly appears in our culture that we’re noticing mental illness more and more,” he notes, and “there certainly is an element of being socially more aware of things.”

…But while Americans may express more of their inner life, he contends there has traditionally been a spiritual buffer in their culture that helped to address and contain many of the mental health crises that occur. “A lot of times when we have [psychological] problems or issues,” Rogan says, “when the church was maybe more predominant in our society and maybe more active, a lot of these things may have been just absorbed into the natural caring that you got in a church-like Christian community.” However, the CMA spokesman contends, taking God out of the public realm has removed some of these protections.

Oh, and Rogan was responsible for this gem of a quote, denouncing the American Psychiatric Association’s move to back gay marriage:

“I guess if you want to see that [homosexual marriage] helps mental health, you may be able to see it. Personally, from my experience, I have not seen that as a strong point for mental health. The people I’ve dealt with in a professional sense that have been involved in that kind of lifestyle have not been happy people.” — (Agape Press, May 26)

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