Oh, blow it out your ass

Captain Cubicle sez:

On July 7, 2005, let it be known that the world united behind our British brothers and sisters as fellow members of Western Civilization under attack by the forces of tyranny and oppression. We stand with our friends who have suffered a terrible act of war on their civilian population, a cowardly and shameful act that amply demonstrates the depths of depravity of the enemies of freedom and liberty.

We are all Britons today.

When we say that, we don’t mean it to imply that this is conditional on Britain engaging in self-flagellation to maintain our sympathy. We don’t mean that we expect our friends to simply remain victims to retain our friendship and support. We don’t mean that the people who have been attacked should withdraw into a corner in order to somehow earn our tears.

We mean that we support our friends — and that support means that we plan on standing shoulder to shoulder with them when they decide to take the necessary action to ensure that our enemies can never do something like this again. In other words, we are all Britons in the sense that Britons stood with America after 9/11.

By “standing” with them they mean, well, we “support them” and our “resolve” has not been weakened and if London is attacked again we will write as many florid important-sounding posts as needed until Islamofascism is buried under the sheer logorrhea of it all.

And should the Britons decide that they no longer want to play in any more of our Crusader games, we can be assured that the 101st Fighting Keyboarders will be calling them Steak & Kidney-eating surrender monkeys.

Jesus, Ed Morrissey is a dork….

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