…and yet synchronized swimming wasn’t held
under the surface of the water until its struggles ceased.

Not that I care that much, but the Olympics games will go forward without baseball and softball:

Baseball and softball were tossed out of the Olympic program for the 2012 London Games — the first sports cut from the Summer Games in 69 years. The International Olympic Committee then rejected the five sports wanting to get in.

Each of the 28 existing sports was put to a secret vote by the IOC, and baseball and softball failed to receive a majority required to stay. The other 26 sports made the cut.

IOC president Jacques Rogge said baseball and softball, two sports invented in America, would be eligible to win their way back into the Olympics for 2016.

Okay. Here comes the reason for the post:

While Major League Baseball has toughened its drug-testing programs, they still fall far short of Olympic standards.

“Problems with doping in U.S. baseball probably cost the sport dearly,” Australian IOC member John Coates said.

Yeah. Why can’t they be as clean as track & field or weightlifting or….

Sorry. Bad examples.

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