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Yeah…U.S. Urges Vigilance for Transit Systems

Come the f*ck on. Please, there is nothing Chimpy can say or really do about this.

The Homeland Security Department asked authorities in major cities Thursday for heightened vigilance of transportation systems after a series of explosions on London transit systems. President Bush, in Scotland for a meeting of the Group of Eight leaders, conferred in a secure video conference with national security and homeland security officials in Washington.

“I instructed them to be in touch with local and state officials about the facts of what took place here in London,” Bush told reporters from a summit of world leaders here. Bush said he urged caution “as our folks start heading to work.”

In New York, Washington and several other major cities, local authorities heightened security in transit systems. But Homeland Security Department spokesman Brian Roehrkasse said there were no immediate plans to raise the nation’s threat level.

The bottom line, and folks feel free to disagree with me on this point, is that this incident in London, is worse than 9/11, for these heads of state. Not because of the horrible human toll of that day, but because it bursts the fragile bubble of denial, the fantasy that officials have been trying to create for the sheeple that a major city can be made safe. I suppose you can possibly secure a large office building with enough money, time and personnel, but it’s laughable to think complex infrastructure that has to shuttle millions of people about can be protected in any realistic way.

Telling people to go about their business and be vigilant is useful only as a soothing device, and a lame one to avoid panic and economic disaster. It’s ultimately useless against any enemy that is able to move freely in a major transit system. For every suspect that may be caught out of dumb luck, there are hundreds of determined killers that can simply carry a backpack full of explosives and find a way to create physical (and economic) terror on a major scale like this.

Just remember Christine Todd Whitman down at Ground Zero saying the air was fit to breathe, even as the dust of debris and bodies swirled around frantic rescue workers. That’s the first thing I thought of when the British officials told people this was a “power surge.” How could they possibly know a f*cking thing without evidence, right after the blasts began? It’s about crowd control, really. But the lie is often worse than the truth. It begins the snowball of lies, the lame excuses, the complete charade that must continue.

Does anyone really think any government arm, local, state, or federal, has any clue what to do about managing panic in this sort of terrorist event? Remember our dear leader and Tom Ridge urging us to go about our business, visit Disney World, whatever. Your safety is not the primary concern of the government. That seems like an obvious point, but we know that shock and fear is plenty enough to make the sheeple follow the leader, no matter what he says, and common sense goes out the window.

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