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Vigilance, Freeper-style

A still taken from a mobile phone video camera, aired by SKY TV as passengers are evacuated from an underground train in London. (AP Photo/SKY TV)

The insane minds over in the slime of Freeperland took the call for vigilance seriously. Maybe a bit too seriously. In response to the London terrorist attacks, a thread popped up in a round-up of related postings entitled, “Secure USA borders NOW, President Bush. Political Correctness be damned.” Apparently the most urgent threat is Mexican workers, not Al Qaeda.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Code Orange in Boston, NYC, DC, Atlanta. Unfortunately, it’s still Code Green at our borders.”

“secure them with WHAT?”

“While I don’t want to be too hasty, I think this is becoming more and more of a necessity nowadays. If the Brits’s commitment to fighting terrorism isn’t reborn in the wake of these attacks then the U.S. is alone, aside from Israel and Japan, and likely Australia (Israel and Australia having moderate-severe problems of their own). We need to look at the borders again, if nothing else, and check for weaknesses.”

“Anyone have the comments from President Bush that were released a short time ago?”

“You’ll see he has no plans to secure the border, he plans to erase them. We’re no longer citizens of the United States. We’re citizens of North America. Soon we’ll be citizens of the World.”

“I only caught the part where he wants us to be “extra vigilant.” I think this is too lax an attitude. I think we should be “double dog vigilant.””

“I was just screaming those same words at my PC. So loud that the cats took cover.”

“It’s probably too late for London. Many parts of London now resemble Baghdad. No kidding. The Mid Easterners are everywhere.”

“They are already here. W squandered 5 years of open borders. He even condemne the Minutemen Project. He’s a Fox ass kisser.”

“I dont know, but I think we need to calm down and take a deep breath and THINK. all this garbage about screaming or nuking people or whatever needs to stop…..” [OMG…Sanity!]

“When I woke up this morning and turned the tv on, I heard that there were suicide bombings. I honestly thought it was here in the US because I’m quite certain this will happen here.”

“I’ve heard that. Mass migration is destroying Western Civilization.”

“Yes. Let’s speed up the withdrawal of those armored and mechanized brigades in Germany. Put them, along with brigades already in CONUS, on our southern border. And when these brigades get to the border I don’t want them just sitting in garrison. I want them patrolling the border with a basic load of ammunition and orders to waste anything crossing the fence.” [Has he seen too many Chuck Norris flicks?]

For starters land mines, at least until we can fully man the border. [OK. This is just f*cking frightening.] It would take less time to train and man a border patrol force than it would take to train and man the Iraqi military. Anything is better than the status quo.”

“land mines? so you are willing to KILL men women and children to satisfy your fear? I know if I were in charge I wouldnt ask my military to do that, they have other things to do and besides that, I seriously doubt we could put enough land mines down across our borders to significantly make that much of a difference in the first place. The Russians tried that in Afghanistan when they withdrew. Hell the Russians loaded all of their planes with land mines and rolled them out as they flew out of the country. It didnt do ANYTHING to stop the Afghans. It would only be a matter of time until the illegals know their ways through the mine fields. there are better ways and land mines ARE NOT it. Besides why would AQ want to go across the border? It is quicker, easier and probably safer for them to just fly their terrorists in VIA airplanes…..”[OMG…Sanity part 2!]

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