For the sins of others, we must pay

Panic in the streets of London and so America goes on alert:

For many Americans, the bombings and heightened security revived the tension many had felt after the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but which had seemed to recede in recent months.

“Everything is kind of vulnerable,” said Bill Giel, 53, of Milford, Conn., who was riding a commuter train to work. “I just hope the authorities are doing their job in keeping things secure.”

“You kind of hold your breath until rush hour is over because of the timing of the one in London,” said Paul Dullea, a 37-year-old employee of the Boston Bar Association who rode the commuter rail and subway into Boston from his home in Millis, Mass.

About 29 million people in the United States take commuter trains or subways on an average workday, and millions more take buses. The New York City area accounts for about a third of the rail total, followed by Chicago, Washington, Boston and Philadelphia. The West Coast’s largest transit system is in San Francisco.

Let’s see….Boston, New York City, Chicago, DC, Philadelphia, San Francisco. Hmmmm. What do those cities have in common?

Oh yeah. They voted overwhelmingly against President Bring It On in both elections as did the states in which they are located.

Thanks again, yahoos.

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