Waist deep in the big muddy

When I first heard about the London attack my first impulse was to check out the response from our National Hate Site, Little Green Fulminators. So with waders, goggles, and rubber gloves on, I waded in. As usual, they didn’t disappoint:

Is Blair going to evacuate the Bin Laden family members to Saudi Arabia too?

IMHO, they should go house to house interrogating every Muslim about what they know and when they knew it. And then kick every last one of them who is there illegally out of the country. And then decide if any of the rest of them deserve to stay.

Now, if only Israel would do the same thing after its terror attacks….


Can we eradicate Islam now, please?


As Israel has learnt, and London is being taught?


Im ein aravim, ein piguim

If there are no Arabs there are no attacks

How many more need be sacrificed ?


As someone posted on the dead thread, my blood, too, is boiling over this latest atrocity. And my righteous anger is becoming more and more unquenchable.

It is now time to force muslims to make a choice: Live peacefully or die. I prefer the latter.

Nowhere did I see a call for the LGF’ers to go fight Islamofacism their own bad selves which might quench that righteous anger….

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Yeah. Like I would tell you....