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Yeah the Right's starting the draft drumbeat

In my glance today at the AgapePress news roundup, there are a couple of items of note, but this one jumped out at me…

A military expert and Pentagon advisor says the United States should look at Germany if it wants to find a way to solve the long-term military recruiting problem. While President Bush and most Pentagon officials want to avoid a draft, retired Army Lt. Colonel Bob Maginnis says unless the pace of the war on terror decreases, conscription might be America’s best recourse. He notes, “I have a half-brother who lives in Germany who, when he was 18, after his high school, had to provide mandatory public service — either the military or he could go into social service. It was still the same 18-month obligation. He helped invalids in his community, and it was an organized program.” While his brother chose the social service option, Maginnis points out that the Germans “fill their army with conscripts who would rather go into the army.” The military advisor says unless the current pace of the war decreases, the U.S. might have to reinstate the draft, and he feels the German option would be fair to everyone.

Hey all of you yellow elephants…it looks like the time to stand up and fight for the cause is now.


Another unhinged squib from the wingnut roundup, this time some severe hand-wringing about the “pro-homosexual movement” as it spreads hellfire and damnation south of the border (because Canada moves to accept gay marriage):

The head of the Family Research Council says Americans must keep a close eye on the impact that Canada’s decision to legalize homosexual “marriage” could have in the United States. [Tony] Perkins believes homosexual activists seeking to eradicate the institution of marriage realized they could accomplish more in Canada than they could in the U.S. He says, “In some cases it appears that homosexual interest groups in this country have taken this agenda to the North of us because they felt the ground was more sympathetic, and are pushing for these measures through both the courts and Parliament only to come back to this country to make reference to them in trying to shape public policy in this country.” The pro-family leader says these efforts are about “this elusive desire from homosexuals to get a seal of approval on something that I don’t think they could ever be satisfied with; but in the process they will destroy the institution of marriage.” Perkins is warning pro-family Americans they can expect the pro-homosexual movement to try using Canada’s approval of same-sex marriage to influence the marriage debate in the U.S.

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