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Repug just wanted to "whip the black off of" his son

Cincinnati City Councilman Sam Malone pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence. He was upset that his son was late to a checkpoint while on a school field trip at Paramount’s Kings Island.

Somehow, I don’t think this kind of discipline‘s in the Dr. Spock child-rearing handbook. I also don’t think he’ll succeed at beating the melanin out of his 14-year-old son’s hide unless he’s got some kind of belt with magical, Neverland properties.

Malone, a Republican seeking re-election, has maintained that parents have the right to discipline their kids. He has described the incident as “parental intervention” brought about by a disciplinary problem at his son’s school.

“Our children cannot be expected to act in a disrespectful way to teachers and other individuals in positions of authority,” he wrote in a prepared statement the day after he was arrested. “Proper discipline is an important and necessary component of good parenting.”

Malone’s son told police he came home from the Kings Island outing and his father said: “I know what you did. … I’m going to wear your butt out.” According to the teen’s statement, Malone ordered him to his room, telling him: “You’d better go ahead and meditate. If I were you, I wouldn’t eat anything either.”

Malone took his shirt off and got a belt from his room, according to the report and police records. When the boy tried to explain why he was late to the checkpoint, Malone said he didn’t want to hear it and told his son to turn around, take off his shirt and pull his pants down, the statement said.

Malone is accused of hitting the boy several times with the belt. The hospital records detail bruising to his chest, arms, back and buttocks. The boy told police he fell at one point and Malone continued to hit him.

“I pay for your school, and you bring home poor grades,” Malone told his son during the beating, according to the boy’s statement. “You’re not paying attention.”

When his father stopped hitting him, the boy told police Malone told him he wasn’t finished with him, adding: “I’m going to whip the black off you.”

Shortly after, Malone left his Walnut Hills home, and a boy who also lives with Malone and his son called 911. In that call, the boy said he and Malone’s son didn’t feel safe there.

I don’t think that anyone would disagree with Malone on a parent’s right to discipline their child; my dearly departed Mom did spank us as little kids, not adolescents (this was before the days of the “time out”, of course). The use of corporal punishment is possibly one of the thorniest issues that can be discussed in polite company. Where does one draw the line? The Malone case is clear-cut — the man’s got anger and control issues and has no business abusing his son like this. But what about the mom in the store that gets called out for smacking her acting-out child’s bottom? Is that abuse? Who makes the call?

John and Linda Dollar.

Parenting is the hardest job in the world – and way too many people are parents that probably shouldn’t be, but they do have the right to procreate, of course. Then you have gay people that desperately seek to be caring parents that live in states that make it hard or impossible to foster or adopt. But you also have the John and Linda Dollars of the world. They are the Florida couple charged with torturing and starving their children. The kids were beaten with belts, paddles, switches and whips, kicked, and at least once struck with a cattle prod. [The Dollars surrendered their parental rights in June.]

It’s all screwed up.

Thanks to House Blender and Julien’s List contributor Holly for the pointer.

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