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One last bit of NY business…

When we were at Times Square last Friday, in the visitor center you could send a free, corny Yahoo e-postcard (above). Click on the link below to see it:

What’s actually more entertaining is that you can flip through all the mug shots of people that took their pic before and after us. Flip back about 16-18 shots and there’s this bald dude that took a few shots with obscene, not-very-bright captions. His traveling companion doesn’t look to happy to be with him.


NY didn’t get the 2012 Games. In an upset, the Olympics went to London, not Paris.

Actually, we were hoping NYC didn’t get it. I just cannot fathom how NYC could have pulled off a safe Olympics, given how well-loved the U.S. is these days. Walking around the city, it’s hard to imagine a worse security/logistical nightmare than trying to protect hundreds, if not thousands of participants, out-of-towners, media, dignitaries and the like for not just a day or two, but two weeks. That’s insane. Let me tell you, if that had happened and I still lived/worked in NY, I would vacate the city for the whole month surrounding the Olympics.

Last year we were there around the time Chimpy jacked up the Homeland Security alert for fun and snickers, and the traffic jams and delays at all the checkpoints on bridges and tunnels pissed off New Yorkers big time. Folks were ranting on the streets, in the subways — and no one believed that there was any danger afoot, all the folks we talked to thought the Chimperor was jerking everyone’s chain.

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Pam Spaulding