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Ed Klein gets his *ss kicked on Al Franken's show

I was up at some ungodly hour last night and flipped on Sundance Channel and caught the re-airing of the complete destruction of Ed Klein on The Al Franken Show. Klein is the author of The Truth About Hillary, a new “bio,” that has been slammed by folks on the left and the right as a smear job of epic proportions. For instance, a quote from winger John Podhoretz (columnist, National Review and Weekly Standard): “This is one of the most sordid volumes I’ve ever waded through. Thirty pages into it, I wanted to take a shower. Sixty pages into it, I wanted to be decontaminated. And 200 pages into it, I wanted someone to drive stakes through my eyes so I wouldn’t have to suffer through another word.”

The *ss-kicking by Al, Katherine Lanpher and Joe Conason was relentless and completely hysterical. I’m glad I got to see it on TV, because radio (or the transcript) can’t capture the priceless expressions of all involved.

Klein completely unraveled and was caught in so many lies, distortions, exposed as the fraudulent “journalist” that he is, who is simplly sucking up to to the lowest common denominator of Freepi for a buck. A snippet from the transcript, from Media Matters:

CONASON: Who is Melanie Verveer?
KLEIN: She was {Hillary Clinton’s] chief of staff for a while.
FRANKEN: Yeah. You know what?
CONASON: There is no person named Melanie Verveer. There’s Melanne Verveer, who you refer to as “mannish looking,” which she’s not. But her name is Melanne, M-E-L-A-N-N-E.
FRANKEN: Now, I know Melanne.
CONASON: Now, since you don’t know the first name of her chief of staff, why should anybody think that you know anything at all about Hillary Clinton?
FRANKEN: Well, I want to go to —
LANPHER: It’s not -Please —
FRANKEN: Oh, let him, let him, let him.
LANPHER: Please, let him respond!
KLEIN: I don’t think the question is worth my responding.
CONASON: Because you don’t know, right?
KLEIN: Not — no.
CONASON: You don’t know, you didn’t know her real name.
KLEIN: She was referred to as “Melanie” to me many, many times, and —
CONASON: By who? [laughing]
LANPHER: Really?
KLEIN: I think that’s how —
CONASON: No one calls her “Melanie.”
KLEIN: Well, I think that’s how a lot of people referred to her.
CONASON: Nobody refers — nobody calls her that.
FRANKEN: Now I know Melanne. I know her husband, and I have to take offense on calling her mannish, ’cause I know Melanne, and she’s — ah, I think she’s a good-lookin’ woman. And like, let’s say, Ed, someone referred to your wife in a book as “simian,” say. You know. Would you — which, by the way, I doubt your wife is simian looking. I’m sure that she’s very beautiful, because you’re a very manly looking man. You’re very heterosexual looking, I must say, in the back of the book. You look like you’re in really good shape. So… [I nearly lost it here, laughing so loud that Kate almost woke up…]
CONASON: I have this feeling that he’s never seen Melanne Verveer, whose name he doesn’t know. Have you ever seen her?
KLEIN: Ah, no, I have not.
CONASON: But she’s mannish-looking to you? Even though you’ve never seen her?
KLEIN: She has been described to me that way, yes.
CONASON: She’s been … Who described her to you that way?
KLEIN: Several people who worked — knew her,
FRANKEN: Who knew her as “Melanie”?
KLEIN: Yes, and who called her “Melanie” to me.
CONASON: Well, maybe they knew someone else. This could all just be a — another case of terrible reporting or mistaken identity.
FRANKEN: There is a Melanie. There is a Melanie who is — used to be a male, and is a tennis player, you know, a professional tennis player.
CONASON: You know, Ed, you’ve been a reporter for a long time, or I know at least purporting to be a journalist. Isn’t it true that the first thing you learn when you’re starting to be a journalist is to spell the names right?
FRANKEN: Oh, come on —
KLEIN: It’s such a silly comment, Joe, that it’s beneath —
CONASON: You got a lot of them wrong.
KLEIN: I got some of them wrong, but I, I’m sure you’ve misspelled names in your career.
CONASON: I try to correct them. And I didn’t pretend —
KLEIN: Well, I will try to correct these in my second edition.

There’s a long section at the beginning of this transcript that you must read, catching Klein in a WHOPPER about the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and complete sentences that Klein leaves out of his book to insinuate that Moynihan hated Hillary so much that he couldn’t even say her name. It’s un-freaking-believable.

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