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Don't laugh: Prince Albert has a love child

Does this news of a baby rank with the Katie/Tom shenanigans?

Come on, people. Didn’t you peg the Prince as “family”? Didn’t everyone? Even his dad changed Monaco’s constitution to allow Princesses Caroline and Stephanie to succeed Albert if he didn’t have kids; that should tell you something. Is this a Royal PR stunt to butch him up?

Rumours of the prince having a child with former Air France flight attendant Nicole Coste, who is Togolese and holds French citizenship, emerged in some parts of the French media days after Prince Rainier’s death.

Ms Coste was quoted as saying she met the prince on a flight in 1997, leading to a relationship and the birth of the boy, Alexandre, in August 2003.

…In the lawyer’s statement, released as the Grimaldi family ends three months of mourning, the prince said he regretted the fact that the press had gone public with the story so close to his father’s funeral.

“Prince Albert II asks the press to adopt responsible behaviour, similar to what it has adopted in similar circumstances for other public figures, and to respect his private life and that of the underage child,” the statement added.

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