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Cardinal excommunicates woman who claims to be a priest

Lyon’s Cardinal Archbishop Philippe Barbarin, and his spiritual mentor, Ratz.

Rebellion in France. And a quick snapback from the Vatican.

A French Cardinal has excommunicated a Catholic woman claiming she was “ordained” as a priest by three women who call themselves Roman Catholic bishops. For those supposing the next generation of church leaders will turn the church even more politically correct, the action by one of the Church’s youngest Cardinals will come as a shocker. Lyon’s Cardinal Archbishop Philippe Barbarin, 55, has followed in the footsteps of Pope Benedict XVI. Cardinal Barbarin excommunicated the woman who went through a false ‘ordination’ yesterday. Pope Benedict XVI, acting in 2002 as Cardinal Ratzinger, officially excommunicated two of the women “bishops” who performed the ceremony.

Genevieve Beney, a 56-year-old married physical education teacher and mother of two, was “ordained” Saturday on a boat on the Saone River near the eastern French city, by self-proclaimed “bishops” from the dissident movement Women’s Ordination Worldwide as 60 activists who support female ordination looked on.

“This is not a rupture with the Roman Catholic Church,” Beney claimed before the ceremony. “If there is a rupture on my part, it is with a situation that I consider to be obsolete and unjust to women.”

The Freepi love the discipline of the Catholic church putting women in their place.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“She made her statement; the Cardinal has made his :-)”

“This is one time I can praise the French for something. At least one French Catholic Bishop. I wonder how many American bishops would have been so bold.”

“Now if only some US Cardinal would have the guts to give old Ted Kennedy and other CINO (Catholic in name only) pro abortion politicians the same treatment.”

“If she can claim to be a priest, then can’t she claim to be un-excommunicated?……….I mean, if she can make her own rules to suit herself she can disregard any she doesn’t like…….”

“Why are the US Bishops so lacking in intestinal fortitude? In a way I bet these radicals went outside the USA in order to GET this reaction.”

“I wish they would be as strict on people receiving the Holy Eucharist.”

“I’m sure the Wiccans will welcome her.”

“That cardinal looks like Michael Kinsley (sp?)…….”

“Because it’s not really about a call to the priesthood. It’s about radical feminism, and about attacking the church of their childhood, which tells them that their manner of life is wrong. They could be Episcopal Priestesses tomorrow, if that was really what they wanted.”

“Their target is exactly the Roman Catholic Church because it represents such a strong force of male priesthood. The Church COUNTS. There are over a billion Catholics. The Church of England/Epicopalians are small potatoes. They are attacking dad, the strong male force in the family. As leftist feminists, they are attacking men. They hate adult male authority, from dad, to men and even to the roots of their religion. Jesus WAS a man who chose 12 other MEN to follow him. They can’t stand the entire male species. They can’t hate Jesus, so they vent their spleen where they can. It stems from deep hatred of themselves. They are sad, pathetic women who never learned to appreciate their own gender. My own female 2 cents.”

“I agree with you 100 percent – it’s a real shame. I hate to see women who could spend all that energy in a positive way — raising a family, working in their community, even becoming a sister or lay member of an order — ruining their lives and everybody around them too by giving in to such hatred of half the human race.


In related news, an Ontario member of Parliament and his wife were denied communion. Of course this is all about the support for same-sex marriage. The church was making its point.

Charlie Angus and Celina Symmonds had their lives turned upside down when they were told by their parish priests that they could no longer take communion because their stands on social issues conflicted with church teachings.

Angus, a New Democrat MP who represents a northern Ontario riding, ran afoul of the Roman Catholic church over his support for the federal government’s controversial same-sex marriage bill.

“It’s quite disturbing,” said Angus, pointing to what he called “the rising militancy of language within the church. I went to Ottawa feeling that I would be speaking as someone rooted in a faith tradition and rooted in a justice tradition.

“Then your involvement in the sacraments becomes a political pressure point. It was unacceptable.”

Prime Minister Paul Martin, also a practising Catholic, faced similar flak from a priest in his Montreal riding over the bill. Father Francis Geremia said Martin no longer deserved the sacrament of communion and “I pray that he will lose his riding” in the next election.

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