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While we're talking about celebs in the closet…

House Blend reader poll: which one looks more homo-fab to you — the 70s Village People/porn star Brawny Man, or the ‘roid rage-enhanced honey on the right? (via Towleroad)

From Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, to another character with an interesting makeover. Kate and I have been talking about the really creepy Brawny towel commercials. You know, that one where the a wife coos at the Brawny man in a commercial. The husband falls asleep and dreams about his “competition,” where he attempts to pick a fight with the much bigger, virile Brawny man, who picks up the hubby and places him on the counter lovingly, with deep-voiced narrator oozing sensuality. Oh it’s so bizarre. You can see a clip of it at Brawny’s site.

The homo-tension is so high that I cannot imagine even the most hopelessly straight person in a Red state would miss it. I think Kate and I were obsessing over the idea of the ad agency pitching this one to a bunch of straight-laced corporate drones, and what that conversation must have been like. Nevertheless, someone at Georgia-Pacific thought this campaign was a real winner, since the company is playing the camp level of this thing up to the hilt, even including a special promotional web site, Innocent Escapes, targeted at lonely housewives/houseboyz looking for a caring sensitive pick-me-up

This poor actor. I hope he doesn’t become famous, because this cheese is going to follow him for the rest of his life, lololol.

You can customize and send little film clips of the hunky, lookin-to-please-and-pamper Brawny Man to your friends (or just sit and wank away yourself, I guess). It’s completely, fantastically unhinged.

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