Fight of the Chickenhawk

A coward dies a thousand
deaths, the brave just one
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Let us take up the case of one Nathan Taylor, a coward’s coward if there ever was one.

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YRNC 2005 Chairman Nathan Taylor has been responding to attacks by leftists who threaten protests at the 2005 Young Republican Convention.

“In recent weeks I have received numerous e-mails from leftist groups bent on infiltrating the Convention and protesting the appearance of veterans of the War on Terror. We will not allow these cowards to dishonor our servicemen,” stated Taylor.

Actually the protestors are protesting the fact that able-bodied (and we’re being generous here) young Republicans like Nathan are ducking out on their patriotic responsibilities and avoiding a war that they wave their little pom-poms for. That Nathan would see this as an attack on the servicemen that they say they are planning to “honor” would mean that ol’ Nate plans on adding Weasel to his resume right after Chickenhawk and “charges-dropped embezzler“. He just can’t seem to stop from hiding behind others when attacked.


Edward Roberts (L) and his wife Regina stand with the U.S. flag from the coffin of her daughter Lance Corporal Holly Charette of the U.S. Marine Corps as Charette was buried at the Rhode Island Veterans Cemetery in Exeter, Rhode Island July 2, 2005. Corporal Charette was killed in Fallujah, Iraq when her convoy was attacked in June 2005. (Brian Snyder/Reuters) Posted by Picasa

That would be this Holly Charette:

Holly A. Charette was a cheerleader in high school, a ”girlie girl” who, her friends said, liked to make faces to entertain them.

But Sept. 11, 2001, changed her, friends said. Charette, who had high-kicked and cheered for the boy’s hockey team, became serious and focused. She took long runs to harden her physique.

In late 2001, Charette joined the Marines, becoming one of the few women to join the ”few good men,” as the elite service branch is sometimes known.

Earlier this year, Charette, by then a lance corporal, was deployed to Iraq as part of the Headquarters Battalion of the Second Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force.

Charette died Thursday when a suicide bomber driving a vehicle packed with explosives rammed her military convoy in Fallujah, killing her and at least three other female troops. It was the deadliest attack on women in the US military since the start of the Iraq war.

Athletic, upbeat, and given to delivering ice cream to sick friends, Charette, 21, was ”loved by all of us and everyone that she knew,” her aunt, Charlene Wheetman, said in a brief statement she read in front of the family’s house in Coventry.

”She wanted to be a Marine after 9/11. She wanted to do something for her country. She was a very proud Marine. We are all missing a part of our hearts without her here.”

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Nathan is spending this week at Mandalay Bay

Holly Charette is spending the week, and forever after, in the ground.

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