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We're back in NC

Kate and I just got in; it looks like Russ really served up some great stuff for you all! I see the blog has been bathed in many Freepi comments, I’m very pleased that the best of that filth got posted. 🙂 Many, many thanks, Russ. I hope Blenders will make his pad, Radical Writ a regular stop.

And someone please tell me — why did ol’ Sandy O decide to step down while I was on vacation!? Dammit. I turn on CNN in the hotel and scream out to Kate “I can’t blog about this now!”. Of course I settled down, knowing Russ would have something to say, and yes he did.

I’ll have more to post about tomorrow, once I get some shut-eye, play with the pups (Tonka was doing the full body wag when we came in), and go through the 200+ emails I’ve received in the last 4 days (and it’s not spam!). I’ll have pix up about some of the fun stuff we did tomorrow as well.

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