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Rove named as leak in Valerie Plame case!

Tell us again, Karl Rove, how “No more needs to be said about the motives of liberals.” If there’s any justice in the world, you’ll serve your sentence at Gitmo.

House Blenders: “Radical” Russ is your barista for the next few days while Pam is on vacation for her anniversary.

Lawrence O’Donnell has outed Bush’s Brain, Karl “I had nothing to do with the gay male prostitute in the White House” Rove as the source of the Valerie Plame leak. The grand jury is investigating the case of just how in the world Robert “Master of Douchebaggery” Novak found out that Ambassador Joseph Wilson’s wife was a covert CIA operative, and then plastered that fact around the planet in his column, in apparent retaliation for Wilson’s whistleblowing on Bush’s fake “Saddam sought uranium yellowcake from Niger” justfication for war.

Plame’s career is ruined and her life and the lives of countless other deep-cover agents and informants were risked as well, just to punish the man who tried to speak the truth and expose the administration’s fixing of the facts to match the policy. The grand jury is in the process getting their hands on notes from Time magazine reporters, and O’Donnell confirms that the notes will prove Karl Rove as the treasonous bastard in question. (Why Novak gets a free pass is beyond my understanding at this point.)

Of course, we’re all aware that President Chimpy takes this all very, very seriously. It’s probably only second to Iraq in the list of topics he thinks about all the time. What was that he said about the Plame leak, way back in October 2003?

This is a very serious matter, and our administration takes it seriously. As members of the press corps here know, I have, at times, complained about leaks of security information, whether the leaks be in the legislative branch or in the executive branch. And I take those leaks very seriously.

… And, you know, there’s a lot of leaking in Washington, D.C. It’s a town famous for it. And if this helps stop leaks of — this investigation in finding the truth, it will not only hold someone to account who should not have leaked — and this is a serious charge, by the way. We’re talking about a criminal action, but also hopefully will help set a clear signal we expect other leaks to stop, as well. And so I look forward to finding the truth.

So, naturally, we can expect you to ask Mr. Rove to cooperate fully with the grand jury. Maybe you could even ask him to resign so he doesn’t tarnish the image of your presid… presiden… Excuse me, I need to go get some paper towels to clean up the Diet Coke that just sprayed out of my nose.

There. All better. I should know better than to try to type that kind of sarcasm while drinking.

Now seems like as good a time as any to watch the Freeperental Express derail over this one…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

Refresh my memory….should we be collectively saying “Oh s**t” if this is true? (That depends on whether you’ve used up all your “traitor” labels on liberals, Freeper.)

It could be true, it could be false, but if it is not a crime – it has no impact. The key to whether it was a crime or not is in her status at the time the disclosure was made, and whether the information (her identity and employment as a covert CIA operative) had been made public (albeit with less dissemination than in Novak’s column) earlier. (In case you’re wondering what the defense will be, this seems to be it. It depends on what the meaning of “covert” is. “Did anyone know she was CIA? Oh, ‘some’ people knew? Well, that’s not very ‘covert’ now, is it?”)

[Time Magazine’s] Cooper’s notes: “…the source identified herself himself as Hillary Clinton Karl Rove…” (???)

To be honest with you, no one’s going to be surprised if he was the source of the leak. Even more importanly, nobody cares.

All in all, it’s no big deal if it was Rove, IMO, except that it will be bad PR. I don’t think there is a criminal case to be made.

If I ever wanted this Karl Rove to be arrested for anything, it would not be over THIS. It would be over ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION allowed unfettered for over four years at his political suggestion and influence…. (Yes, yes. Mexican day laborers are far worse than betraying our CIA agents’ identity. If ignorance is bliss, you are in nirvana.)

No body needed to out Plame-hells bells-even she was probably partially aware of who she was… Aparently she wasn’t as important as the MSM and the Lunatic left wish us to believe she was… Because, despite all the publicity she has been given, she still is-not was.

Why would Karl Rove do that and also who would care? It was an open secret that she was CIA in the social circles. (So why not tell the whole world as well and save our enemies the trouble of infiltrating the Washington cocktail party set?)

Yeah but most of us know about the connections between Saddam’s Iraq and Al-Queso (mmm… terror with cheese…) yet it’s an extremely popular talking point to claim that President Bush “lied about Saddam’s involvement in 9/11”. Two completely different things, yet when spun properly…

These notes would never be given up if Hillary was the leaker. (You know, the more I read Freeper hatred for Hillary, the more I want to vote for her…)

Joe Wilson started the whole “Rove was the leaker” meme, and Rove’s all over the news these days for his comments about liberals and 9/11. Even a mental pygmy like O’Donnell could string those together to come up with a shot at the guy he feels is most responsible for John Kerry’s defeat and is therefore his most despised person in DC.

Do you know how much the country cares or knows about the Rove-Plame media-driven-only frenzy? Nada, zippo, zilch, nothing. (Didn’t know much about the Downing Street Memos for a while, either)

My God, who gives a crap about all this. It is PLAME HERSELF who “leaked” her identity. Everyone in D.C. knew who she was. … That Bush-hating bitch should have been canned from the beginning.

My theory on this remains that it was her husband who exposed her as an agent to try and get back at Bush. (Yeah, I once wrecked my wife’s career, at threat to her life and the lives of others, and with serious consequences to future intelligence gathering activities of the country I love and served because I had
a grudge, too. Perfectly reasonable.)

Yeah [Lawrence O’Donnell is] the same idiot who went completely BEZERK! I believe it was the” Joe Scarborough” show that he lost it on during the Swifties great campaign against that traitor Lurch. O’Donnell kept screaming to the top of his lungs LIAR, LIARS ‘YOUR ALL LIARS, not letting the swiftie guy speak at all continually shouting him down… (Wait, someone in the mainstream media exposed the truth about the Swifties? Hell, I just like that they’re now known by a pooftah name like “Swifties”. Sounds like a breakfast cereal for meth addicts.)

Look at the buzz O’Donnell is creating just by mentioning the name of Karl Rove. It’s the old “mud at the wall” trick. Hurl enough of it and some may stick. (I just had to drop that one in after the Swifties.)

Can we put off picking a new Supreme Court justice until after the impeachment?

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