By the way, which one’s Pink?
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Like the rest of you I was riveted to my computer today as I watched bands, both new and so far over the hill that other hills obscured the view of the original hill, perform to draw attention to Skippy the Bush Kangaroo’s drive for a million hits before his one year anniversary.

Hop on over there right now before we make Sting come back out and bore you within a half-inch of your life.

Okay. That was unfair. I didn’t watch Live 8, had no intention of watching it, don’t plan on watching highlights, or of purchasing the soon-to-come CD/DVD/Virtual Experience/Kraft Food Lunchable tie-ins. From the Concert for Bangladesh to No Nukes to Live Aid to the US Festival, I’ve come to recognize these “events” for what they are: cynical marketing schemes packaged as Something That Is Important That Will Change Our Way of Life Even If It Won’t So Let’s Totally Rawk.

If you want to go see an all-day concert with a coherent philosophy: try the Warped Tour. Mind you, I never said it was a good philosophy, just a coherent one.

Or, as the Transplants might put it:

Gangsters and thugs
Criminals and hoods
Some of my friends sell records, some of my friends sell drugs

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