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Lincoln Memorial Video May Be Revised

How the world looks through homophobic eyes.

House Blenders: “Radical” Russ is your barista for the next few days while Pam is on vacation for her anniversary.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The National Park Service sought out footage of “conservative – right-wing demonstrations” to revise the video shown to visitors at the Lincoln Memorial after being pressured by conservatives who complained the display implied Abraham Lincoln supported abortion, homosexuality and liberal causes.

Park Service documents released under the Freedom of Information Act show officials purchased video of President Bush, pro-gun advocates and pro-Iraq war rallies and also considered removing images of Democratic former President Clinton at the memorial.

The current eight-minute video, which has been viewed by millions of visitors since 1994, was created by the Park Service in an unprecedented collaboration with high school students around the country. It shows Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, presidential visits and glimpses of dozens of protest marches at the memorial on the Mall.

“The video gave the impression that Lincoln would have supported abortion and homosexuality,” (Hello?…) said the Web site of Rev. Louis Sheldon’s Traditional Values Coalition. It cited footage showing events at the memorial staged by abortion and gay rights supporters and war opponents but no similar footage from Christian and conservative interests.

“Absent from the video were any Promise Keepers marches or Marches for Jesus rallies at the capital. The video was totally skewed to present only a leftist viewpoint,” the Web site said. Sheldon did not return repeated phone calls to his office seeking comment.

On Feb. 3, 2003, the conservative Web site criticized the video, particularly a montage of marchers carrying signs that included, “The Lord is my Shepherd and Knows I am Gay,” “Ratify the ERA,” and “Keep Abortion Legal.”

Sheldon said he complained to the White House and said in a broadcast transcript that was distributed among Park Service executives: “If Bush is in office, let’s have it our way. Let’s make it fair now.”

Next up for the National Park Service, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush on Mount Rushmore, joining Republican Teddy Roosevelt in balance against the pot-smoking (Washington), non-Christian (Jefferson), gay-lovin’ (Lincoln) hippie leftists.

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