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Justice Sandra Day O'Connor retiring from Supreme Court

The retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor… that sound you hear is the Religious Reich salivating.

House Blenders: “Radical” Russ is your barista for the next few days while Pam is on vacation for her anniversary.

We all knew this day was coming. I thought it would be Rehnquist first, though.

(VOA News) Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court, has announced that she is retiring.

The 75-year-old Ms. O’Connor sent a letter to President Bush, Friday stating that she will leave the court when her successor is nominated and confirmed. She said it has been a great privilege to have served on the Supreme Court for the past 24 years.

Over the years, Ms. O’Connor cast the deciding vote in many 5-4 cases that dealt with hotly contested issues such as abortion and the death penalty.

Her resignation is expected to set off an intense political battle between Republicans and Democrats over who will fill her seat.

Given Bush’s and Congress’s poor approval numbers at the moment, I wonder if that will moderate the choice Bush is forced to make. Have the Democrats built up enough of a spine yet to force the issue?

I know the Religious Reich is going to pull out all of the stops. This is really going to motivate “the base” to push Bush toward a far-right nominee. If that happens, the Democrats may get pushed into the corner and be forced to filibuster. Then we get “Cat Killer” Frist implementing the “nu-cu-ler” option and we get the double-whammy of a more conservative court and an extreme limitation on minority power in the Senate. It’s the radical restructuring of two branches of government for the price of one!

Or maybe this turns into the kind of infighting between the moderate and conservative factions of the GOP that turns that lame duck president even lamer. Maybe Dems stick to their guns and we get a surprising moderate justice who’s more of a swing vote than O’Connor. And maybe the Republican divisiveness helps trigger in a backlash that allows us to retake the House in 2006 and make the next Democrat’s presidential run a successful one.

I don’t know. If I could tell the future with any accuracy I would have invested in Yahoo when I had the chance.

(CNN) O’Connor, 75, was appointed by President Reagan in 1981 and is considered a moderate conservative on the high court and often cast the pivotal swing vote in important cases.

The list of cases in which her vote made the difference is long and notable: limiting affirmative action (Adarand 1995 case requiring “compelling” government interest), permitting public aid and vouchers to religious and parochial schools (Agostini and 2002 Zelman/Cleveland cases), and in several abortion-related cases, where a woman’s reproductive rights were narrowly re-affirmed (Casey, Cathcart cases).

The Bush White House has held secret meetings on possible replacements and senior officials have interviewed some candidates.

On Friday, Bush said he is looking for candidates “who meet a high standard of legal ability, judgment and integrity, and who will faithfully interpret the Constitution and laws of our country.”

Bush is so good at speaking to the base in their political code. “Faithfully interpret the Constitution” sounds, on the surface, to be a reasonable thing to require of a justice. But the base believes most of the progressive decisions of the past seventy years (especially Roe v. Wade) to be poor interpretations of the Constitution.

Let the hijinks at Freeperton Junction begin!

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

Now that we need a new Supreme Court Justice, we are left with but one option. Vote Pedro for Supreme Court Justice! Because quoting Napoleon Dynamite makes us witty and original. (Vote for Pedro and all of your dreams will come true.)

Well, there’s no hiding now. President Bush’s true colors will soon be shown. If he blows the nomination (or the GOP senators blow the confirmation) the true conservatives of the country will never forgive him and will turn their back on him for the next three years of his administration.


It is bigger than that. Real Americans worked hard to give the Repubs a majority to make critical things happen for this country. If the Repubs blow it, it will impact not only the future of WHAT THIS COUNTRY IS GOVERNMENT-WISE but what happens to us as citizens, our freedoms and liberties, that so many have sacrificed to preserve. (What am I, a fake American?)

As much as I would like to see Edith Hollan Jones get the nomination, I think it would be nearly impossible for the Democrats to argue against Brown with a straight face after declaring her fit for the Fed. Appeals court just a few weeks ago. (I knew we’d hear this line.)

This is too easy to predict. The Dems will never, EVER allow Bush to replace her with someone fair-minded. Her seat will go unfilled until a recess appointment in 2007. Until then, an eight justice, 4-4 court will fail to overturn most cases brought before it. As more justices retire, the court will become one of recess-appointed justices (unless the Senate gets 60 reliable Repubs).

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, you fat lard, come get some DINNER!… Tina, eat. Food. Eat the FOOD!

…and Renquist, soon too; time to stick it in the RAT DUmmies and slowly, agonizingly twist and shred with the likes of Judge Roy Moore and more of that ilk!

[Who’s side are you on?] I’m on the side that voted twice for who I thought was a conservative president, and then watched in horror as he sold out education reform to Ted kennedy, sold out transportation reform to Norman Mineta, sold out immigration reform to the Hispanic vote and sold out Title IX reform to Julie Foudy and her gang of witches. (There’s that infighting I’m hoping will happen.)

I dont think that Alberto Gonzalez will get nominated, because who wants to eat Chimineychangas every day, not me.

If Bush nominated Howard Dean to replace O’Connor, the Democrats will still filibuster it. (Huh?)

Come on Bush, put the screws to them and nominate Bork. Or Ann Coulter! (Yes, nominate Ann Coulter. Make our filibuster enormously popular with the American people.)

I would like to see the Dems reaction if GWB took Soiled Harry Reid’s advice and appointed a current member of the Senate. They probably don’t think he’d do it. Sen Mike Crapo is about as conservative as you can get, and he is 100% pro life. Plus another Republican would be appointed to fill his seat. The Dems would have fits but Harry is on record as saying Crapo is qualified and he would get through the Senate! (He was one of my senators back in Idaho. May I say… shudder!)

Oh………one more thing. There is no such thing as a “moderate”. A “moderate” is just a misnomer for a flaming liberal whose flame burns with slightly less BTUs than, say, a Manslaughter “Jabba Ted” Kennedy holdin
g a match to his exhaled breath. (Complete with Photoshopped picture of Kennedy’s head on Jabba’s body holding a bottle of Jack Daniels. Like I needed to see that at breakfast.)

Well, if past history means anything, this is the perfect opportunity for Bush to nominate another liberal.

I had a dream last week that Orrin Hatch would be nominated to the Supreme Court. (Double shudder!)

Farwell, Sandra. Now please take Souter and that filthy hag Ginsberg with you. Thank you.

Any odds yet in Vegas on how quickly Bush and the RINOcrats will cave to the socialists and let Kennedy chose all Supreme replacements? Days, weeks, surely not months?

Well, here’s the acid test. We must have a strong, strict, pro-life conservative, who can be trusted not to change his spots when the media put pressure on him and the hostesses on the cocktail circuit tell him no more parties unless he votes in favor of abortion and perversion and international law and multicultural tolerance. (The hell with the Constitution.)

Nominate Ann Coulter to the Court! Class, beauty and a great legal mind with uncompromising principles! (One I could dismiss as silly conjecture, but two Ann Coulter nominations on FreeRpublic have me double-checking the seals on my gas mask.)

I think Bush will nominate John Cornyn, a sitting Senator from Texas, he has been a Circuit Judge and a Supreme Court Judge in Texas. (The guy who thinks that violence against judges is justifiable? Have you no sense of irony?)

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