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España* (Spain) legalizes gay marriage

Spaniards celebrate their country’s decision that all people deserve equal rights.

House Blenders: “Radical” Russ is your barista for the next few days while Pam is on vacation for her anniversary.

MADRID, SpainSpain became the third country to legalize gay marriage Thursday in a parliament vote that left gay activists blowing kisses to lawmakers and the powerful Catholic Church issuing veiled calls for defiance.

The new law increases the chances of happiness for “our neighbors, our work colleagues, our friends, our relatives,” said Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

The 350-seat Congress of Deputies, by a vote of 187-147 with four abstentions, approved the measure to give homosexual couples the same rights as heterosexual ones, including the right to adopt children.

The Roman Catholic Church, which held much sway over the government just a generation ago when Gen. Francisco Franco** was in power, was left smarting from the vote.

“Marriage, understood as the union of a man and a woman, is no longer provided for in our laws,” the Spanish Bishops Conference said after the vote, referring both to the gay marriage law and a bill passed Wednesday making it easier for Spaniards to divorce.

“It is necessary to oppose these unfair laws through all legitimate means,” a conference statement said, alluding to its hint last month that town hall officials who oppose gay marriage should refuse to preside over such ceremonies.

The bill, which became law immediately, says: “Matrimony shall have the same requirements and effects regardless of whether the persons involved are of the same or different sex.”

The Netherlands and Belgium are the only other two countries that recognize gay marriage nationwide. The Netherlands lets gays adopt children. Belgium is considering the adoption issue.

Canada’s House of Commons passed legislation Tuesday that would legalize gay marriage by the end of July as long as the Senate also passes the bill, which it is expected to do.

In the United States, Massachusetts is the only state to recognize gay marriage. Vermont and Connecticut have approved same-sex civil unions.

One of the nice benefits of being on the side of progressive politics is that given enough time, our position is always proven correct. Human social evolution has always moved toward more freedom, liberty, and equality for people. In the short run, there are always times of more or less repression, and unfortunately by “short run”, I’m talking about spans of a few generations, but overall, in the long run, I believe that denial of gay rights and homophobia will be a reprehensible to future generations as slavery and racism look to most of us today.

You may say I’m a dreamer… but I’m not the only one…

Speaking of reprehensible, let’s check in with the bottom feeder from Lake Freepertonka:

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

It was only a 20 vote margin. In other words, if the Spanish hadn’t caved to terror [after the 3/11 Madrid bombing] and voted the Socialists in, this never would have happened. Such a measure would have been struck down by 50-75 votes under a Popular government. (It’s all a part of a sinister al-Qaeda plot to homofy the West! Because Fundamentalist Muslims just love homosexuality!

Notice how the Socialist platform is all immorality, all the time – loosen abortion laws, make divorce even easier, pro-stem cell research aka create embryos (aka “tiny babies”) so as to dismember them, and now “gay” marriage”.

Kennedy, Ginsburg and O’Connor now have the “international law” precedent they required to foist this madness upon America.

That’s fine.. one more country for America’s gays to move to..give them their own freaking country.. just as long as they aren’t here.. and they aren’t allowed back in. (Hmmm… step 1) convert Ibiza to the independent nation of Homoslavia, step 2) rake in the Olympic gold medals for ice skating, step 3) world domination!)

Yeah, and Spain and Portugal are also asking for ongoing international aid so they can feed themselves. Worse drought in…in…decades. Is there somewhere we can go to protest aid being sent to Spain? (Starve the fag-lovers! There’s your Compassionate Conservative for ya…)

One shouldn’t be surprised that Spain OKs Gay “marriage”. Any “nation” that responds to a terrorist attack by immediate surrender — must be overrun by girlie-men that would rather pack fudge that defend themselves…. Remember — the cowardly metrosexuals of the Clinton and Carter administrations did the SAME THING….

There are very few genuine, believing Christians – Catholic or Protestant – in Europe. This is also a good example of why “democracy”, taken just by itself, cannot ensure good government. … The next step down this road will be the withdrawl of state support for the Catholic church for its refusal to perform gay weddings (Mosques will ne exempted from this rule, of course). Once [Muslims] reach sufficient numbers, Spain will be replaced by the Caliphate of Al-Andalus. The sodomites who are celebrating the legalization of their depravity today will ultimately end up impaled upon the point of a jihadi’s sword.

[Reponding to headline “Spain defies church to legalise gay marriage”] Should read, “Spain Defies God…”

What is it that Spain’s elected officials don’t understand about the 10 Commandments? (Did I miss that “thou shalt not be gay” commandment?)

“I keep waiting for the next Calvo Sotelo to arise.” Or why not another General Franco to drive the communist hordes out? Democracy is proving to be a morally bankrupt system.

This time, when the war has been won, let Zapatero’s execution be a message for all time making him the poster boy for justifiable death penalties and let his followers be burned in garbage dumps, dead or alive, instead of in the Valley of the Dead. Franco tried reconciliation. Obviously, a mere 65 years later, reconciliation has proven impermanent. Sterner and permenent measures are necessary.

*Espa??a is the Spanish word for Spain. I’ve always thought it a little strange that we call countries by names other than what they call themselves. We don’t call Jos?Š Canseco and Juan Valdez “Joe” and “John”, do we?

**This just in: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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