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Freeper reaction to Canada's passage of gay marriage

It didn’t take long for the slime to start over in Freeperland…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Amidst the mourning, there is a silver lining. The Moral Majority in Canada have awakened. We cannot roll over and play dead now and let it go. We need to work extra hard to defeat those 158 MP’s, especially those outside of Quebec and urban cores.”

“Gee….. wouldn’t it be grand if the gays in the lower 48 streamed north like draft dodgers in the 60s and early 70s?”

“to what end? no offense, is this a done deal? it seems liberal canada surrendered and nobody cared. What are those four holdouts going to do? seceed? I doubt very much they have the will.”

“Sad country indeed. I awoke one day and found my country no more. It is a barren wasteland. A sad day indeed!”

“Hot damn. Maybe the queer activists will swim over the northern border now. Right.”

“How utterly sad. Once again, I am completely ashamed of this country. I fly the Canadian flag AND Old Glory….guess which one I will be taking down.”

“Gee….. wouldn’t it be grand if the gays in the lower 48 streamed north like draft dodgers in the 60s and early 70s?

“Gee….. wouldn’t be grand if supposedly moral people thought about the ethics of dumping still more of the human equivalent of toxic waste into their neighbor’s back yard? Canadian conservatives have already had more than our fill of the dregs of American society in the form of the afore mentioned draft dodging scum and military turncoat cowards – but, hey thanks for your ‘unselfish’ offer, eh.”

“Solution: Lets Gay Marry up Canadian and USA gay-lesbo couples and all their liberal supporters and let them settle in Quebec. Then let the rest of Canada secede and hook up with the USA. Let them in Quebec all create a Gay Utopian society and leave the rest of us alone in USA/Canada who want to lead normal conservative healthy lifestyles.”

“What a stunning few days this has been for conservatives. First those insane decisions by the SCOTUS, now this. What next…? :-(“

“Canada will be signing its own death warrant. The Liberals want the country to be trendy so its OK to throw the family on the trash heap of history.”

“It would help of the Canadian Conservatives didn’t have perpetual foot-in-mouth disease, such as Stephen Harper proclaiming that this same-sex marriage vote won’t be legitimate because of its support by the Bloc Quebecois.”

“Why not? It already recognizes civil unions between Canadians and farm animals…”

“I guess a nation running short of men and women, has to accept what it can get….Leftist liberalism running amok in Canada…..a failed experiment….I fully expect secession of several provinces in my lifetime, and I’m an old man.”

“The fact is that until Bubba signed a law just a few years ago, there was no federal law in the US that prohibited gay marriage. And even that law doesn’t really prohibit gay marriage, as evidenced by the fact that they have gay marriage in MA. And if you really want to get down and dirty, the reality is that we now have gay marriage in every state. All you’ve got to do is go to MA and get married, and then the full faith and credit clause of the Constitution requires each of the other 49 states to recognize the validity of that marriage.”

“Of course, I understand that the Supreme Court has not yet ruled on that issue since MA legalized gay marriage, but there are Supreme Court cases on record which state that the full faith and credit clause requires every state to recognize the validity of marriages performed in the other states. So it would surprise at least me if they were to now say otherwise.”

“What’s going on here is actually quite simple. The media wants you to think that the US law on gay marriage is ultra-right wing, while the rest of the world is moving toward permitting gay marriage. In fact, the US position on gay marriage is one of the most liberal in the world, and is getting more liberal all the time.”

“It’s not much of stretch from chasing the shit train to humping a rabbit.”

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