Todays U-T published letters that show that George Bush & Karl Rove are losing conservative San Diego.

I am a member of the Republican Party, but my friends are of all political persuasions. I don’t know a single Democrat who was interested in offering “therapy and understanding” for our attackers after Sept. 11. To a man, they all supported our military invasion against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Of course, we all expected the job in that country to be finished before another attack on a country with no involvement in the World Trade Center attacks was initiated.

Furthermore, no one I know, Republican or Democrat, is interested in giving up our First Amendment right to question and criticize our government on Rove’s say-so just because it might be broadcast on Al-Jazeera. I am sick of these types of cheap, inflammatory potshots from both sides and would like to see our country’s leadership, my party’s leadership, who purport to be grown-ups, start intelligent, conciliatory and productive political dealings with each other no matter what side of the political aisle they come from.

The president, our CEO, should expect good behavior, serve all of us as head of the country we all live in, and fire these playground bullies if they can’t shape up. Of course, that might be too “uniting.”

La Mesa

Karl Rove’s ignorant statement that liberals would have just provided therapy for the Sept. 11 attack incensed me. My father was a combat veteran of World War II, my husband is an Army veteran of Vietnam, every man and two women in my family have served in the military. We are patriotic. We have strong family values and a very strong work ethic. And guess what folks? We are Democrats.

That’s right, liberals – stemming from the word liberty as in liberty and justice for all, not just the wealthy. What branch of the military did Karl Rove serve in? Or Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly? They are chicken hawks.


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