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Religious Reich calling for boycott of Allstate

Nathan Tabor, and Matt Barber (r), Barber is suing Allstate for religious discrimination and has retained Terri Schiavo’s former attorney.

Nathan Tabor, the Kernersville, NC-based “conservative political activist” and contributing editor of politically off-the-charts Right web site The Conservative Voice, is on a campaign to bring down Allstate Insurance Company for its allegedly anti-Christian and illegal discriminatory actions, as well as its “indoctrination” of its employees to accept the homo agenda. The founder of the Voice, J. Matt Barber was allegedly fired from Allstate “for his Christian beliefs.”

Barber wrote and published an op-editorial on his opposition to same-sex marriage (on his own time), basing his argument on “the negative aspects of both same-sex marriage, and the homosexual lifestyle – views that he says are deeply rooted in his religious beliefs, and supported by clear biblical principles,” according to Tabor.

To boot, Barber’s retained David Gibbs III, Terri Schiavo’s former attorney to take on this case, which is guaranteed to make this another Left-Right media freakshow, based on the premise that Allstate’s actions are a violation of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Barber may have a case, given the findings so far:

The State of Illinois (Department of Employment Security) has conducted a thorough investigation into Allstate’s actions and has ruled, without equivocation, in favor of Mr. Barber. With respect to his case, the investigation determined: “The claimant was discharged from Allstate Insurance Company because an outside organization had complained about an article he had written while on his own time.” The State’s investigation further concluded that Allstate intentionally chose to terminate Barber’s employment for writing the article in spite of the fact that he engaged in absolutely no misconduct whatsoever: “The term misconduct means the deliberate and willful violation of a reasonable rule or policy of the employer…In this case, the claimant’s action which resulted in his discharge was not deliberate and willful.”

Allstate may, in fact, have overstepped its bounds in Barber’s case (unless it has some severely restrictive policies for employees on in its guidelines — why isn’t this being tried on free-speech grounds, hmmm?). The whole point is to make this case about religious intolerance (see “More boo-hoos: Gary Bauer and the ‘persecuted Christians'”).The call for a boycott goes deeper than this one case; it’s a crack in the door that the Right has been looking for to attack corporate tolerance policies and outreach to the gay community.

So a new question for America to debate over coming weeks and months is whether an extremely powerful organization like Allstate Insurance Company has the legal and/or moral right to attempt to indoctrinate its employees into accepting the homosexual lifestyle in conflict with their deeply held religious beliefs.

The framing is crystal clear. The AmTaliban in this case are looking to model this after the Ford boycott by the American Family Association, which, amusingly, fell like a house of cards earlier this month.

In recent years Allstate has aligned itself with several of the most activist homosexual organizations in America. In addition to contributing huge sums of money to the most militant of these organizations, to include LAMBDA ( and GLAAD (, Allstate forces all employees to undergo “diversity training” in promotion of the homosexual lifestyle. Within the work environment, it prohibits any vocalized opposition of either homosexuality, or “same-sex marriage.” Furthermore, it offers “domestic partnership benefits,” essentially treating homosexual employees and their “partners” as married couples.

Hope it’s as successful as Ford.

Well, we can ensure their efforts are matched. Nathan posted some action items for his Freepi readership; so there’s no reason that we cannot do the same, slightly edited, of course:

• Telephone Allstate CEO Ed Liddy’s office at 1-847-402-5000 or contact the company at 1-800-Allstate (1-800-255-7828) and thank Mr. Liddy for its progressive policies and outreach to the gay community. You can also e-mail Allstate here.

• Contact the Allstate agents in your area (simply click on this link for contact information: and let them know that you appreciate their services to the gay community.

• Please forward this article to friends and family. [Sure!]

• Here’s information on Allstate’s “pro-homo agenda,” Nathan kindly supplied some other links:

Allstate advertising targets homosexuals

Allstate gives to GLAAD

Allstate promotes “tolerance,” “inclusion,” and “diversity”

Allstate large donor for LAMBDA

Allstate insures same sex couples as married

Allstate marketing toward gays

An earlier post on Nathan Tabor and The Conservative Voice is here.

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