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KKKillen denied a new trial, BTK confesses

Examples of moral values in their communities – Baptist pastor Killen and church deacon/Scoutmaster Rader.

Two sick bastards in the news today…

Ex-Klansman’s Request for New Trial Denied. A judge on Monday denied a new trial for one time Ku Klux Klan leader Edgar Ray Killen, convicted last week of manslaughter for the 1964 killings of three civil rights workers. [Circuit Judge Marcus] Gordon turned down the defense request, and Killen’s lawyers have said they raise the same issue on appeal. A request for an appeal bond, which will allow Killen to be free while his appeal runs its course, would be filed later, McIntyre said. …Killen, who has been using a wheelchair, would undergo medical and psychological evaluations to determine his prisoner classification and where he would be housed, either at the Rankin facility or the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman.

Kansas serial killer details 10 murders. A serial killer calmly and clinically described in a Kansas courtroom on Monday how he murdered 10 people, calling his victims “projects” he lined up in advance to satiate sexual fantasies.

Dennis Rader, who pleaded guilty to 10 counts of murder and waived his right to a jury trial, chillingly recounted how he gave one woman a glass of water after she threw up, then strangled her with a rope as her children, locked in a nearby bathroom, screamed. In another case he hung an 11-year-old girl in the basement of her home and masturbated by her body, after killing her parents and a 9-year-old brother upstairs.

In answers to questions from the judge, the details of an 18-year killing spree by the man who called himself “bind, torture and kill” in taunting notes to police spilled out of the bespectacled, balding Rader.

In cold, detached fashion he described the phases of serial killing — from “trolling” to find victims and then “stalking.”

“I had project numbers,” he said. “If one didn’t work, I’d move on to another.” He carried a “hit kit,” a briefcase with rope and other items, he said, and dressed in “hit clothes” for the occasions.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding