Mike Adams: Beer Whore

World O’Crap has already had their fun with Mike Adams…Oh I’m sorry, DR. Mike “Respect My Authoritah” Adams who is now taking sex tips from The Virgin Ben.

We’ll let that sink in in all it’s pathetic glory.

So sad.

Anyway, I was amused when DR. Mike made up some more fake students writing fake essays so he could make one of his fake points:

I noticed that in between the time I began using this exercise (in 1993) and the time I stopped (in 2003) there was a marked increase in reports of bizarre sexual conduct. For example, students began to write occasionally about group sex. Others wrote about posing nude for internet sites. One of my students even dropped out of school to become a Playboy Centerfold in 1996. Another wrote about how she ran out of money on Spring Break and slept with another college student for $40 just so she could have money to stay and get drunk on the last night of her vacation.

After you’ve stopped masturbating…..(I’ll wait)…….okay (that was quick) consider this college student willing to work for beer:

In 1990, he turned down a chance to pursue a PhD in psychology from the University of Georgia, opting instead to remain at Mississippi State to study Sociology/Criminology. This decision was made entirely on the basis of his reluctance to quit his night job as member of a musical duo. Playing music in bars and at fraternity parties and weddings financed his education. He also played for free beer.

Mind you, it’s no easy task playing accordion after a couple of pitchers of Coors Light.

Two words: pinched nipples…

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