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Bill Yates, who writes reviews of Christian CD’s (“DJ Stigmata’s Hollaback Jesus is the new gold standard in Christian hip-hop with enough funky samples and phat beats that’ll make even old school evangelicals get up and get their phreak on…condemning them to a fiery hell where they will be sodomized by Satan for eternity for the sin of dancing.”) has come up with a new wingnutbag term:

To Durbinize

Durbinize, verb.
1. To make, either explicitly or implicitly, a moral, political, or factual equivalence between two situations which in reality have little or nothing in common. (After U. S. Senator Richard Durbin (D, ILL) who compared the alleged abusive treatment of a terrorist detainee held at Guantanamo Bay with the depraved horrors of the Nazis, Soviet gulags, and Pol Pot’s mass murders, thereby equating the U. S. personnel with these murderous despots.)
2. To apparently apologize without actually doing so by subtly placing the blame for legitimate objections to the actions of definition 1 on the objectors. This may be accomplished by expressing disappointment that the objectors have “misunderstood” the speaker’s remarks or by stating the speaker’s sorrow that feelings were hurt. In reality, the speaker is implying that the objectors are too stupid to understand plain English or are insufficiently educated or mature to accept the speaker’s remarks as truth.

Which, of course, reminded me of this one:

Yattering, verb.
1.)To feign outrage at or deliberately misunderstand simple english in an effort to score cheap political points or deflect from the issue at hand, “He was still yattering on about it long after we went out to buy beer and Slim Jims. What a dumbass.”.Synonyms: malkinize, malangalanging.
2.) A pathological condition characterized by misinterpreting the words of others and endowing them with a nonsensical amount of hyperbole in order to drown out the cognitive dissonance. See also; bullshitting oneself, delusions of competency, and what a dumbass.

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