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Look at what our Canadian friends have to put up with

Canuck ‘nut Brian Rushfeldt: the move to adopt country-wide gay civil marriage is “the ultimate attack on this sacred institution.”

Canadian wingnuts railing on about same-sex civil marriage are just as strident as our AmTaliban.

A pro-family advocate is outraged over Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin’s vow to keep Parliament in session throughout the summer, if necessary, to pass a proposed controversial and divisive same-sex “marriage” law.

The Globe and Mail newspaper has reported that the Prime Minister believes he has enough support to pass the bill known as C-38, which would give homosexuals across the country the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples.

However, Brian Rushfeldt of the Canada Family Action Coalition says his research suggests that only about 3,000 homosexual couples would actually take advantage of the law, a number that represents only a small percentage of the nation’s 34 million people. “It’s less than 0.05 [percent],” he notes. “Of course, they don’t want those figures to come out publicly because it is so minute that people are going to [ask] ‘Why did we go through all of this for that few Canadians?’ There’s something wrong with the system that allows that.”

According to Rushfeldt, it has become obvious that the people of Canada no longer live in a democracy. “Even the suggestion that we extend Parliament to try and ram through a piece of legislation, such as the Marriage Amendment Act, is nothing short of socialist, dictatorship-style leadership — in fact, it’s not leadership at all; it is dictatorship.”

Also, the activist points out, keeping the government running all summer will cost Canadian taxpayers millions. Yet it seems to be a cost the Prime Minister is willing to impose on the citizens of his country in order to see marriage redefined. Martin’s efforts, along with those of some liberal Members of Parliament, are part of what Rushfeldt calls “the ultimate attack on this sacred institution.”

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Pam Spaulding