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More wingnuttery at the Southern Baptist Convention

Bible-thumping propaganda web site AgapePress has some entertaining dispatches from the Southern Baptist Convention, which is where Boob-in-Chief did his little anti-gay marriage tap dance the other day. First up is the knee-slapping funny “ex-gay” advocate Richard Land.

This dude, with the worst rug imaginable, favors a ban on female pastors too.

A well-known Southern Baptist leader has offered his views on homosexuality, including his belief that the sinful lifestyle is actually a symptom of other influences. Dr. Richard Land heads the public policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. During a speech to the denomination’s convention in Nashville on Tuesday, he urged the audience to come to an understanding about the nature of homosexuality. “Homosexuality is not just something that people do. Homosexuals are convinced that their homosexuality is part of who they are,” Land stated. “We must come to the place where we understand that homosexuality is a symptom of deeper influences.” During the speech, Land also referred to people being “trapped” in the homosexual lifestyle. “Those of you here who may be struggling with same-sex attractions or who are already trapped in a homosexual lifestyle, in love we urge you to reach out to God and a trusted Christian family member or a friend, and to begin to reclaim God’s plan for your life,” he said. “Walk toward Jesus.”

Convention delegates were also busy passing a resolution to investigate the public schools, because, of course, they are crawling with homosexuals pushing their agenda.

The resolution that made it to the floor in Nashville did not call for the withdrawal of children from public schools, but for parents to make that decision. During debate, Florida messenger Robert Dreyfuss said overall, public schools cannot provide a biblical foundation for children. “If we continue doing things as we’ve been doing them, I think we’re going to look very much like Europe now looks,” the delegate said. “Public schools are a mission field — but they’re a killing field to our children.” The co-author of the resolution says he is satisfied the SBC has finally taken a stand on the issue.

[Closet queen] Bruce Shortt says when churches discover how far-reaching homosexual influence is in public schools, action will be taken. “I think in many cases when our pastors discover that the local school district is betraying the community’s trust by collaborating with homosexual activists in the ways that I’ve described, they’ll know what to do.”

And how can we leave out our favorite defrocked Alabama judge, Roy Moore, who came to Nashville to speechify on the Ten Commandments.

The former chief justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court says Christians in America have been deceived by a government forbidding the acknowledgment of God. During his speech to the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference, Judge Roy Moore said preachers must be sure their congregations are educated about the role of God in the foundation of the nation. Moore gave thousands of pastors a brief history lesson to show how the country’s founding fathers recognized God’s sovereignty and God’s law. He reminded pastors he was removed from Alabama’s high court not because of a Ten Commandments monument, but because of his acknowledgment of God. “Without the acknowledgment of God, there would not be a First Amendment,” Moore exclaimed.

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