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Can the VA bible-beating bigots be stopped?

These homo-haters in Virginia have launched a new PR campaign.

Virginia is already leading the way in terms of legislated discrimination against homos. It’s not enough for the AmTaliban. A local TV station, WAVY, reports that a new web site was launched yesterday to pump up support for a state amendment to ban gay marriage. The organization is called It’s the old “love the sinner, hate the sin” bullsh*t.’s position regarding homosexuality is founded on traditional worldviews from the basic concepts of Western Civilization. We are committed to the time-tested, common-sense parameters for sexual relationships as monogamous, lifelong, heterosexual unions. Any expressed concern about homosexuality is aimed at behavior, which is harmful to the individuals involved and to Virginia. Our organization is not opposed to the people involved, just the cause. [WTF ever.]

Virginia does have a clear ban on same-sex marriage included its Code, and in 2004 passed, with a bipartisan, two-thirds majority, a ban on “civil unions,” which are just stepping stones to marriage.

Let’s meet the lovely folks behind this ignorance:

Victoria Cobb and Chris Freund of The Family Foundation, Helen Blackwell of the Virginia Eagle Forum, Jeff Caruso of the Virginia Catholic Conference, Dr. Jack Stagman of the Virginia Church Alliance.

The link features bios of these nuts; all of these folks are available as speakers for the cause in the state, so they’ll likely be spewing the bible-beating crap across the airwaves like this:

While our elected officials may feel uncomfortable dealing with issues of homosexuality, like same-sex marriage and adoption, domestic partner benefits, etc., the aggressiveness of homosexual activists to work their will though the courts leaves legislators no choice. The General Assembly must take these issues on and take a stand.

Consequently, to maintain what we have in Virginia regarding marriage and to protect it from further attacks, we must change the highest legal document by which we abide. By amending the Virginia Constitution to define marriage and ban any of its counterfeits, is advancing the will of Virginians that marriage is and ought to be the lifelong union of only one man and one woman.

Here is the official list of “coalition members” that have working to pass the amendment or have indicated their support of VA for Marriage:

The Family Foundation
Catholic Diocese of Arlington
Catholic Conference
Home School Legal Defense Association
Parents and Friends of ExGays and Gays [Oh, here they are again…]
Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia
Tidewater Pastor’s Council
Virginia Catholic Conference
Virginia Concerned Women for America
Virginia Eagle Forum

Post Office Box 921
Richmond, Virginia 23218

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