All I got was a nasty tobacco burn…

Ed Klein has officially become the national pinata of both the left and the right (John Podhoretz and Sean Hannity). Whacked on both sides he starts talking crazy shit:

The book doesn’t come out and say that the woman in the photo is the “stunning divorcée.” But the picture was clearly selected and positioned to bolster the book’s lurid allegations. And the book does not specify the circumstances or the date of the event in the photo. Sharing the fact that it took place at a campaign rally would obviously have undercut the book’s claims of extramarital intimacy.

What’s more, the photo is in fact one of several taken by Clendenin—which New York has obtained—showing a sequence in which a female supporter approaches Bill amid an adoring throng and leans in for what appears to be a kiss on the cheek. Klein’s book reprinted the closest shot of the kiss—the only one that could conceivably be construed as “mouth-kissing.”

Klein dismissed the photographer’s charges, arguing that the two pictures on the page reinforced the impression of an overall pattern. “The pictures speak for themselves,” he said. “They make the point I was trying to make in the book, which is that he hasn’t stopped being a philanderer.”

Klein bristled when asked if juxtaposing the photo with a caption charging extramarital affairs was misleading in that it invited the reader to see the photo as proof of misbehavior. He said, “It invites the reader to see a pattern of behavior on his part. A man who masturbated in the Oval Office with a cigar shouldn’t be going around leering at women and kissing them on the mouth.”

If masturbating with a cigar is a crime then lock this guy up.

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