Brief baseball interlude

We heard about this while watching the Padre game tonight:

The Yankees were behind by 10-2 after four innings, but they erased that deficit and roughed up four Tampa Bay pitchers. Getting the worst of it was Travis Harper, who took the loss that lowered his record to 1-6. He entered with one out in the eighth and gave up eight hits and nine runs, including four home runs.

Three of the home runs were in succession – by Sheffield, Rodriguez and Matsui. Asked why he left his pitcher in to suffer as he did, Tampa Manager Lou Piniella said: “I was hoping to get one more out. That’s what we were hoping for. Just get one more out and get the inning over with. You hate to see that happen.”

To quote my fifteen year-old daughter, “What idiot manager left him in long enough to give up nine runs and only two outs?”

Now we know.

Lou Piniella makes Bob Brenly look like a managerial genius.

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