The downward spiral

“What kind of a girl do you think I am?” she said
“We’ve already determined …
“Now, we’re just haggling over the price!”
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Has anyone ever had a worse career than Susan Estrich? The Dukakis campaign…her slapfight with Michael Kinsley…her hiring at Fox in an effort to make Alan Colmes appear bright and articulate…and now this.

I’ve come to expect the jabs at Fox News – because being a liberal, I get more than most. I work there in part because, six or seven years ago, they offered me a better deal than NBC at the time; and because, as a feminist and a Democrat, I think it’s particularly important to have a dialogue with people who aren’t already members of the same choir – that’s the way we will ultimately have to win elections.

I’ll take advice from Estrich on how to “win elections” right after I finish Dick Cheney’s Healthy Heart Living diet book.

Added… From the comments:

That looks like the prelude to the worst blowjob ever.
# posted by The Chemist : 10:08 AM

Oh man. That is funny.

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