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Wingnut: Canada has a pansy military

What a dumb*ss. Elaine Donnelly is like a bad penny, she always turns up with her backward opinions on military issues regarding gays, women and anyone else she deems unqualified to serve. The problem is, the military is running out of reasons to exclude gays from serving openly and women out of combat roles, with recruitment dropping through the floor.

A conservative military watchdog says there’s a huge difference between the American and the Canadian militaries — and that is why she doesn’t think the U.S. is close to seeing what occurred at a base in Nova Scotia last month: the first same-sex “wedding” performed by the Canadian military. Two men exchanged vows in a small ceremony at the base chapel. Associated Press reports that Canada’s military chaplains are under orders to treat a same-sex couple the same as a man and a woman who wish to marry. Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness says Canada is more concerned with social experimentation than it is with fighting wars. “Canada is not a world power,” she explains. “It’s value system is very different — in Canada they put so-called ‘equal opportunity’ considerations ahead of the needs of the military; but then again, in Canada the Canadian forces are not a combat force.” But Donnelly says the U.S. military is different. “We do take warfare seriously. We are a world power,” she says. “We don’t use our military for social experimentation, or to advance career considerations. That’s the difference between the American military and the Canadian military.” Donnelly says Americans should take a lesson from what happened in Canada and should advocate that the law regarding homosexuals in the military be maintained and strengthened.

I guess when Truman desegregated the military, he was not engaging in social experimentation, eh?

Earlier post featuring Donnelly: Is RAND consulting the Bush admin on how to avoid the draft?, with the priceless quote about the dangers of women in combat: “Predictable problems include far higher rates of medical leave and evacuations, primarily due to pregnancy, which Army officials refuse to reveal or discuss. Making the mix even more volatile will be sexual attractions, personal misconduct, and accusations of same.”

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